Property Services

Creating homes with art and soul

Coertze & Clacher develop idyllic homes in picturesque locations, prioritising elegance, sustainability and nature into the builds.

Going Solar

Unlock the power of solar panels with Ecoenergia: Certified engineers providing solar solutions for a greener planet and brighter finances.

Meet the conscious architects on Sant Feliu

Tucked down a little side street in Palma is ACN Arquitectura where founder Adrià Clapés i Nicolau and colleague Joan Pizà Roca design harmonious homes in the quiet of the city.

THE EAZEY, Mediterranean Interiors

THE EAZEY Lifestyle – where artistry meets authenticity. From renovating stone houses to creating serene interiors in Porreres.

Architect Tavis Wright

Tavis Wright, the architect of light

The award-winning architect from Formentera is motivated to create a better living experience with each new design that he makes.

Palace Living, Rialto Style

When the team at Sir Richard Branson’s Son Bunyola estate needed someone to step in and take charge of interior design, they turned to Palma’s Swedish-owned lifestyle concept store, Rialto Living.

Making spaces memorable

If you’ve been to Suculenta restaurant, Arlequín cocktail bar or Ponderosa Beach club, you know Virginia Pérez’s talent for interior design.

Desirable design meets sweet simplicity

Three generations of love, dedication and skill form Espacio Home Design, a company that has evolved into a design powerhouse with six Mallorca showrooms.

An inspiring renovation of a Mediterranean villa

The idyllic setting for this luxurious Mediterranean-style villa coupled with contemporary, cutting-edge design by aquaquae has led to an entirely unique home.

Alejandro Palomino takes on the world

Mallorca-based architect Alejandro Palomino is flying all over the world with his unique designs which use 100% sustainable materials.

Over 35 years in property law

Lamas Lawyers: Your trusted experts in real estate law and property investment, 35 years of real estate insight.

6 Expert Lighting Companies in Mallorca

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good light architect when designing your new home in Mallorca. Here is our pick of the best ones!

Ginard Luethje Wolf, goldsmiths of light

Discover the essence of light as a main element in Ginard Luethje Wolf’s contemporary designs and their less-is-more soulful homes.

ESPACIO Home Design

A veritable powerhouse of interiors here on Mallorca is Espacio Home Design Group: six showrooms dedicated to kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and tech.

BANNI Elegant Interiors

BANNI Elegant Interiors offers a wide range of luxury furniture and interior brands that will transform any interior space into something charismatic.

Organic Studio Interior Design

As well as an interior design service, Organic Studio is also a furniture and decor shop with a great selection. Find out more.

Why do cash buyers choose to mortgage?

There are several benefits for cash buyers when buying a property with a mortgage including tax optimisation among others.

A passion for building

Anja Fliegerbauer is a passionate civil engineer who has been creating idyllic homes on Mallorca for the last 22 years.

Lionsgate Capital

When it comes to optimising your real estate investment, you should speak to the team at Lionsgate Capital, the leading mortgage brokers in the Balearics.

Bien Estar Architecture

By focusing on the sensory experience of its spaces, Bien Estar Architecture has created a property with the wow factor of a luxury villa and the functionality of a year-round home.

Perfect counter balance with Cosentino

Specialists in innovative surfaces for architecture and design, Cosentino, explains how choosing the right countertop can help keep your home flawless while minimising your carbon footprint.

Top architects meet high end constructors

The exceptional architect firm and premium construction company share a philosophy of trust, transparency and the pursuit of true customer satisfaction.

Epic Constructions

Epic Construction project manager, Biel Ensenyat, shares his satisfaction of building dream homes for their clients.

Es Bassol Nou

The father and daughter duo behind the Es Bassol Nou property developers are helping home-owners to experience the real Mallorca.

Pradas Art

Any Mallorcan project in need of expert metal-work can count on the exceptional services of Pradas Art, master blacksmiths since 1954.

in alcova

Taking a more holistic approach to interior design, Wiktoria and Anna of in alcova create meditative spaces that promote calm, reflection and well-being.