An inspiring renovation of a Mediterranean villa

aquaquae's team designed this home uniquely, transforming every corner into a welcoming space

Interior Design by aquaquae

The idyllic setting for this luxurious Mediterranean-style villa, renovated by aquaquae, is only the start of its irresistible allure. Indeed, AQ20 is no less than a work of art. Impeccable attention to detail coupled with contemporary, cutting edge design has led to the creation of an entirely unique home.

The size of the property brought with it numerous challenges; however, aquaquae’s interior design team was able to respond with the creativity and technical skill gained from decades of experience working on high-end projects.


Each corner of the villa has been carefully considered and decorated to enrich the lives of each family member. The sophisticated kitchen promotes sharing, the living areas deep relaxation.

The aquaquae interior designers have used textured tiles, superior wallpaper, contemporary art and natural stone in their quest for a bespoke home. It’s not just beautiful, it’s also functional and equipped with luxury amenities, such as a massage room, indoor swimming pool and cellar. While top-of-the-range furnishing brands, clever lighting and the latest technology guarantee a luxury abode, it has not come at the sacrifice of its Mallorcan soul, which remains intact.


After all, the home is deeply rooted in and enhanced by its location. The natural environment is a privilege, with the forest providing peace and privacy and the coast delivering a refreshing sea breeze. Lofty glass windows ensure the light of the island, much admired by artists through the centuries, illuminates the impressive interior. Natural tones in the exterior have been purposely chosen for optimal integration. Everything is in harmony within and without. Classic, majestic and made to endure: AQ20 exemplifies what can be achieved when the experts at aquaquae come together.

Text by Emily Benet | Photos by Antoni Perelló Valls

Address details


C/ de Llucmajor, 38