Dr Helen Cummins is a lifestyle editor, publisher and successful entrepreneur, who has lived and worked in Palma de Mallorca for the past 20 years.

Helen began her career in her native Ireland, working in sales, marketing and public relations in the financial services sector. She holds a Diploma in Training and Development (with distinction), an MBA from University College Cork, and a DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) from Nottingham Trent University in Strategic Management Development.

In 2003, Helen started her business in Mallorca: a multilingual search engine which has grown into one of the largest information portals for the island: abc-mallorca.com. The following year she launched the abcMallorca luxury lifestyle magazine which is recognised as the market leader on the cosmopolitan island.

Helen is fully involved in the running of her expanding business, which brings her into regular contact with the cream of the business community on Mallorca and a wealth of prominent people in society, including celebrities, political figures and the artistic world. Many of these have become personal friends and part of her intimate social circle.

Fashion and home interior styling is an aspect of her work that brings Helen immense satisfaction. She has a fashionista’s sense of style and design – which is reflected in her own extensive and chic wardrobe. Her regular shopping trips to places like Milan and Paris mean that she has an edge when it comes to the latest trends in fashion and interior design – another one of her passions.

Although very much hands-on in her business, Helen enjoys a full and happy personal life with her German husband, Georg, and daughter, Eva. They live in the exclusive area of Son Vida on the hill overlooking Palma, which has been fully re-styled by Helen into a comfortable family home, where they often entertain friends for lunch or dinner, or hold stylish parties, with the help of their small team of house staff.

Fine wines, gastronomic cuisine and cultural interests  (such as opera and art) are other passions Helen shares with her husband – both in Mallorca and on their regular travels to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. She has invaluable knowledge about planning and booking these trips – and getting the most out of travel experiences.

In short, Helen Cummins’ experience makes helencummins.com a great guide for living on Mallorca where she draws from her 20 years of local knowledge. Her recommendations are invaluable for those looking to make Mallorca their permanent or semi-permanent home.

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Dr. Helen Cummins is a lifestyle editor, publisher and successful entrepreneur, who has lived and worked in Palma de Mallorca for the past 20 years. She started abcMallorca.com in 2003 which has grown into one of the island’s largest websites with over 6 million visits per annum.

Her website helencummins.com is a compilation of all the things she values since moving to the island, running hc/ Digital Media and creating an idyllic life in Son Vida with her husband Georg and daughter Eva.

Slow Luxury Living is what sits at the heart of the hc/ website, which aims to inspire people to slow down and appreciate the Mediterranean lifestyle. Alongside her editorial team, Helen handpicks businesses and places that adhere to SLOW: Sustainable, Local, Organic and made with Love.