Palma’s 30 ‘must-try’ Restaurants 2019

Find out which Palma restaurants made it onto HC's HOT LIST for 2019

There are many, many average restaurants in Palma. There are even many good ones; but only a small proportion make the journey to greatness. In a city with a flourishing food scene which attracts a certain breed of well-travelled gourmet, a number of restaurants have made the grade. Food, ambience, décor and service combine to create that certain magic.

Over the years I’ve dined at more restaurants than I can remember, but some I go back to time and time again. Here’s my personal favourites of ‘must-do’ restaurants in the city of Palma.

As you can see from this list, variety is what makes the modern Mallorca food scene in Palma so exciting. Eating terrifically well in the capital city can be done at all price points – it just takes a little insider knowledge.

I hope you’ll relish the challenge of seeking out those places that deliver unforgettable dining experiences. Your next A-grade lunch is just a step away in this beguiling Balearic city…