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Avoid the common mistakes many buyers make when buying a property in Mallorca

Property Buyer’s Agent Lucy Adamson

When thoughts of buying a property in Mallorca come to mind, naturally, we skip to the good part – the summer morning sitting by the pool, blue skies above and a beautiful Mediterranean villa that is yours to call home. However, the journey to realising your Mallorca dream can be somewhat different. Dr. Helen Cummins agrees. Having lived more than 20 years on the island she has seen plenty of buyers fall into the trap of thinking that buying a home on the island is a naturally easy process, making mistakes along the way that could´ve been prevented with the right guidance.

Securing the services of an experienced Property Buyer’s Representative is the prudent way to avoid these costly mistakes and a stream of poor decisions, frustration and wasted time.

3 Benefits of Having a Buyer’s Representative:

1. Make SMARTER decisions 
  • Choose the right location for your lifestyle.
  • Select the right property to meet your current and future needs.
  • Have access to all properties for sale with no limitation on broker’s listings or geographic location.
  • Receive the best legal, tax and financial advice from established experts.
  • Connect with tried and tested home service providers to take care of your property.
2. Save Money
  • Negotiate the best possible purchase price.
  • Secure the most advantageous purchase contract conditions for you.
  • Minimise your property transaction costs.
  • Access the most competitive interest rate for your mortgage.
  • Optimise your Wealth and Property tax planning.
  • Secure your family’s future with expert inheritance tax planning.
3. Optimise your Time
  • One point of contact throughout the whole buying process.
  • Pre-selection of properties to ensure you don’t waste valuable time viewing properties that do not match your criteria.
  • Receive regular updates on progress throughout the buying process.
  • Coordination of your property viewing trip to optimise your time on the island.
  • Recommendations on where to stay, places worth visiting and the ‘must sees’ in Mallorca.

3 Steps to Buying Your Dream Home in Mallorca

1. Book a Consultation
Take the first step to peace of mind – find out more about how you can secure the services of a Property Buyer’s Representative in Mallorca for zero extra cost to you.

2. Get impartial expert advice
Once you have clarified your criteria, the search for your dream home begins! We work with the largest network of reputable real estate agents in Mallorca, and with just one point of contact, you can relax while your representative combs the island for the perfect home for you.

3. Enjoy your new SLOW lifestyle
When you’re settled into your new home, you can explore all that the island has to offer while connecting with like-minded people in your new community. And, you’ll have access to personalised, high-quality recommendations for all the services you may need to take care of your home.

Book a consultation now to discuss buying your home in Mallorca the smart and secure way.


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