Only for those who want to live a wholehearted life on Mallorca!

“Many people planning to live on Mallorca discover it’s difficult to find their dream Slow Living home and fully embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle they desire, so we created the hc/ Slow Living Mallorca website to provide you with all the local knowledge and recommendations you need to enjoy a wholehearted life on Mallorca.” – Dr Helen Cummins

why choose to live in Mallorca

Why choose to live on Mallorca?

Find out why Mallorca is the number one place to move to in the Mediterranean and why it continues to appeal to thousands of expats every year.

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“My love affair with Mallorca began over 20 years ago. During that time, I have discovered some of the island’s most extraordinary people, places and local heritage. More recently, I have been drawn to the values of Slow Living which strikes the balance between embracing the life you truly want while appreciating the small pleasures offered by the Mediterranean lifestyle. If you share a similar vision for your life, you will find a wealth of inspiring information to make your Mallorca dream a reality.” – Dr. Helen Cummins