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Find the the best clinics, therapists, spas and retreats for health and wellness in Mallorca

Bodhana Wellness Centre, Puerto Portals

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes and crystal-clear shores of Mallorca lies a vibrant offering of health and wellness services designed to nourish the body, mind and spirit. From luxurious spas to life mastery coaches and world-class aesthetic medicine, the island known as “calm” offers a diverse array of treatments that invite visitors and residents alike to embark on a journey to their best selves.

Based on years of local knowledge and first-hand experience, we’ve put together a selection of the best medical professionals and wellness clinics in Mallorca to restore your health and well-being whether you’re looking for a therapist to help you gain clarity on your life purpose, a relaxing massage, or a yoga retreat for a total reset – you’ll find it here.

Learn more about Mallorca’s diverse range of health and wellness treatments and the island’s commitment to fostering holistic well-being and profound healing.

Retreats & Workshops

Luxury Transformation Day Retreats

Become the best version of yourself by harnessing tried-and-tested transformational tools. A powerful combination of the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, an Interactive Workshop and Meditative Art grants you a clearer connection to your inner self and an understanding of your life’s purpose. These transformational day retreats are honoured as a personal journey, unique to yourself and your own pace. Discover how you can become your most authentic, wholehearted self with this unique, holistic retreat.

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Self-care, Massage & Spas

Bodhana Massage and Wellness Centre

As you arrive and remove your shoes at Bodhana, you remove yourself from the world for a time. Take a step inside and begin a journey through your senses, back to your true self; to a state of heady relaxation free from the worries of the world. Resting warm and comfortable between the softest, fluffiest towels, the two adept hands of your massage therapist knead away tension from your back and shoulders with the perfect firm pressure, lulling you into bliss. The wellness centre was founded by Chetana, a long-experienced counsellor, meditation teacher, and Reiki master; its integrity evident throughout the beautiful treatment experiences it provides.

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Massage & Wellness Centre Mallorca

The writer herself has experienced a massage at Bodhana – all in the name of research! – and can attest that the result was sheer bliss.

Luxury Spa & Gym at Castillo Hotel Son Vida

While there are lots of beautiful spas in Mallorca, the luxury spa at the five-star Castillo Hotel Son Vida is one of the most exclusive. It is loved for its spa and gym facilities, particularly amongst those who live in Son Vida and Palma surroundings. Here, you can enjoy luxury body treatments and facials using the high-quality cosmetics brands Maria Galland and Mallorca-based DEMARÉS, Indian head massages, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy sessions, golf treatments for golfers with tired muscles, manicures, pedicures, waxing, a Finnish Sauna, bio sauna, steam bath and plunge pools.

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Steigenberger Golf & Spa Resort Camp de Mar

No other spa on the whole of Mallorca offers such excellent technical facilities for innovative Medical Beauty treatments with highly trained personnel, in addition to the extensive wellness area with sauna, steam baths and indoor and outdoor pool. The experts at Steigenberger Golf & Spa Resort Camp de Mar offer innovative treatments like Tesla Stym magnetic therapy, diamond peeling facelift, radiofrequency CPT treatment, radial endodermo therapy (RDT), and cryotherapy. Their cutting-edge medical beauty treatments mean that you leave your sessions not only feeling relaxed but also in a state of complete physical rejuvenation.

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Rejuvenation from within

The Steigenberger Golf & Spa Resort in Camp de Mar offers specialised ‘Medical Beauty’ treatments that rejuevenate the face and body.

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Salva Gianfreda’s acupuncture clinic, established in February 2018, offers a tranquil space promoting holistic healing through Chinese medicine. Puntos de Salud clinic caters to a diverse clientele with personalised treatments including acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, and nutrition. Committed to improving his patients’ health and well-being, Salva provides session packages and emphasises the natural, holistic approach of Chinese medicine.

Find out more about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Puntos de Salud below.

Salva Gianfreda’s Puntos de Salud

Puntos de Salud is a Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic in Palma de Mallorca where Salva Gianfreda helps people overcome their health issues.

One Year No Beer

Forefronting the movement to break down stigmas around sobriety, the One Year No Beer website provides support for those who are sober curious and interested in changing their relationship with alcohol. It offers challenges from 5 days to a year and encourages changing alcohol habits without relying on willpower or strict abstinence, but instead using holistic methods and community support. 

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Becoming sober curious

In Mallorca the One Year No Beer website is providing support for those who are sober curious and interested in changing their relationship with alcohol.

Therapy & Coaching

Beyond Psychology

A haven of holistic care for women’s health and emotional well-being, Beyond Psychology is a clinic designed by women for women – a place where practitioners truly understand the intricate nuances of its patients’ physical, psychological and emotional landscapes. Along with psychological support, Beyond Psychology treats patients at the holistic level by also addressing nutrition, lifestyle, hormonal system, microbiota, energy levels, and one’s socio-environmental situation.

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Maria del Mar - Beyond Psychology

Beyond Psychology

Beyond Psychology provides holistic therapies and treatments for women in Palma, aiming to help you harmonise the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Susanne Willfors

Become aware of behavioural patterns and destructive thoughts so you can do things differently. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helps us look at our actions and thoughts, and it challenges them to help us feel better. Certified therapist Susanne Willfors utilises CBT to provide her clients with practical tools to find more balance, tranquillity, harmony and joy in life. If you’re ready to overcome obstacles, Susanne provides a free first consultation to discuss how she can help you achieve balance, well-being, and lasting happiness.

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Susanne Willfors

Finding happiness and balance from within

Mallorca based certified cognitive behavioural therapist Susanne Willfors helps clients overcome depression, anxiety, fatigue, phobias, and other mental health struggles.

Clinical and Organisational Psychologist Saskia Geraerts Van Houten

Light, connection, energy and honesty… those are the principal values of Saskia, a clinical and organisational psychologist. She works with people who have already worked with a psychologist before, who know themselves, and who may have a current psychopathology issue, but who do feel stuck in a rut. People who feel that life is good, but could be great and don’t want to settle for happy-ish. Her passion is helping people upgrade their lives in romance, finance, body and business.

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Life Mastery Coach Sylvia Ennis

Sylvia Ennis is a sought-after Life Mastery Coach renowned for her expertise in guiding individuals to personal and professional fulfilment. With a background in psychology, Sylvia offers personalised coaching sessions and workshops, empowering clients to overcome obstacles, unlock potential, and create meaningful change. Through her holistic approach, she addresses mindset, emotional intelligence, and goal setting, providing practical strategies for growth and success. Sylvia’s dedication to helping clients thrive in Mallorca and beyond shines through in her tailored support and transformative insights.

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Yin Yoga Mallorca

Mirjam is on a mission to connect women with their inner Yin – pure, unbridled female strength. Once felt, she says, Yin allows women to “step into their full potential and tap into an abundance of capacity.” She helps women all over the world to go beyond their limitations, both mentally and physically. She continues to study in the field of psychology and holistic healing and works alongside her fellow yoga teacher husband David Lurey in offering classes that comprise of both Yin and Yang elements.

Find out more about Yin Yoga Mallorca with Mirjam Wagner below.

Mirjam Wagner

The power of Yin with Mirjam Wagner

Meet Mirjam Wagner, author of Yin for Life, who is helping women go beyond their limitations through Yin Yoga, holistic therapies and yoga retreats.

Therapy with Elisabeth Wiik

Elisabeth Wiik’s journey towards providing CBT therapy was ignited during her nursing tenure at a cancer hospital, where she discovered a passion for aiding others through listening and understanding. Now, she offers online therapy sessions to Scandinavian and English-speaking clients, providing a safe space and effective tools to explore and address underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, and substance abuse.

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Family Constellations - Healing Trauma

We are all born into a family system made up of our parents, grandparents, siblings and so on. When there is a deep trauma – such as a child’s death – grief can be frozen and, if not resolved, the family system gets disordered. This trauma can later resurface in the form of conflict or disease. Family Constellations work to resolve traumas passed on through generations which, unbeknownst to the individual, may be stopping them from progressing in areas of their lives. Using a systemic approach to analyse a family’s history, psychologist María Carmona and Dr. Johannes Beckmann work to confront unresolved traumatic experiences that often perpetuate issues in affective or cognitive models.

Find out more about María Carmona and Dr. Johannes Beckmann‘s healing practices below.

The journey to yourself

Dr. Johannes Beckmann and María Carmona have been making a huge impact with their Family Constellations workshops for over 15 years.

Mallorca Soul Retreats

Mallorca Soul offers intimate coaching and healing retreats with a strong individual focus, specialising in one-to-one retreats as well as groups of up to five. Katja is a deeply knowledgeable therapist and chooses the right modalities for each individual. Her retreats are designed to help you regain your balance, sharpen your decision-making abilities, refresh your perspective and inspire positive life changes. Located in her specially designed eco-wellness hacienda, these retreats provide a rejuvenating environment for body, mind, spirit, and soul as you are also pampered with healthy food, a sauna, saltwater swimming pool, hammam, natural surroundings and more.

Find out more about Katja and Mallorca Soul below.

A quantum leap to a home retreat

Katja’s search for the perfect property in the right location came to an end when she found her dream home in Sa Cabaneta, close to Palma.

Personal Coaching

Life coaching has nothing to do with Freudian analysis or circular talks about the past; it is an active, forward-thinking process in which individuals unlock their potential, set and achieve goals, and overcome obstacles. Coaching Palma founder Sabrina Sassi works with individuals, companies and small businesses, offering on-site team-building techniques to help colleagues connect and communicate for better work relationships and results.

Find out more about the Benefits of Life Coaching with Sabrina Sassi below.


Eye & Facial Rejuvenation with Dr. Estrella Fernández

Feel rejuvenated inside and out with the expertise and knowledge of one of Mallorca’s top anti-ageing experts. Dr. Estrella Fernández, based in Palma, is known for her remarkable results with structural rejuvenation using minimal and non-invasive methods – many of her treatments require no surgery.

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Aesthetic Medicine at Clínica Doctor Morano

Beauty treatments began with Cleopatra and her baths of lactic acid, Dr. Morano tells us. Today’s treatments are considerably more advanced. Clínica Doctor Morano takes an intelligent approach to beauty, using the latest technology and natural methods to slow down ageing. It’s not just about looking fantastic but feeling good inside too.

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Age beautifully with Dr. Morano

Beauty treatments began with Cleopatra and her baths of lactic acid, Dr Morano tells us. Today’s treatments are considerably more advanced.

Medical Clinics

Bendinat Medical Centre

The Bendinat Medical Centre offers a full spectrum of services from general medicine and specialised care to paediatrics and emergency treatments. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of dedicated professionals, it ensures personalised, compassionate care for both the island’s residents and its visitors.

Find out more about the Bendinat Medical Centre below.

Clínica Rotger

Clínica Rotger, the multilingual health centre encompassing all medical specialities located in the centre of Palma city, has been faithful and committed to the health of its patients for more than 70 years; a reference in medical specialism and the most pioneering treatments.

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Clínica Rotger

Top medical attention and assistance in Mallorca is provided by Clínica Rotger, the multilingual health centre caring for every need.

Clínica Juaneda

Clínica Juaneda has been a constant, and widespread presence across Mallorca since 1917. There are more than 30 centres spread north, south, east and west – including 3 superb hospitals (Clínica Juaneda, Hospital Juaneda Miramar and Clínica Juaneda Muro), the International Medical Centre Juaneda (tailor-made for the needs of foreigners and just a 100 metres away from Clínica Juaneda en Palma). The staff speaks more than 15 languages, e.g. German, English, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Russian and Polish, ensuring clear and easy communication.

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Clínica Juaneda

When you think of private healthcare in Mallorca, the first name that springs to mind is the ever-present, excellent Clínica Juaneda.

Revitalise Body & Mind with Vital Business Club

The Vital Business Club offers personalised programs and premium products to promote vitality and energy in every aspect of life. Founded by Sofia Fedrigotti, the club focuses on guiding individuals towards optimal mental and physical health through tailored approaches that boost energy levels, revitalise life at any age, achieve sustainable weight loss, and detoxify the body. With a strong emphasis on personalised care and community support, members receive individual attention to meet their unique needs and goals. Through free vitality analyses and informational lectures, the club empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being and embark on a journey to a fuller, healthier life.

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Vital Business Club - Sofia Fedrigotti

Vital Business Club

The Vital Business Club helps you cleanse, nourish and protect your body on a cellular level to improve your quality of life and feel revitalised every day.

Ageing Well with Dr. James Timmons

Dr. James Timmons, a former semi-professional athlete, shifted his focus to studying how lifestyle impacts age-related decline. As an exercise specialist and health coach for older adults, he implements personalised programs focusing on core strength, balance, flexibility, and breathing exercises. James is also developing Agewell, an online platform offering evidence-based ageing advice globally, connecting clients with medical experts and personalized programs tailored to their needs.

Find out more about Health Coach Dr. James Timmons and ageing well below.

Personal trainer James Timmons Mallorca

How to age well by Dr James Timmons

Dr. James Timmons is an expert in exercise and how it strengthens the body as we age. His years of research have led him to helping people live healthier and longer.

Striking a Balance

Pervasive hustle culture has long championed overworking as a pathway to success, with the notion that long hours are synonymous with achievement. However, more and more people are reevaluating their priorities and emphasising the importance of mental and physical well-being alongside professional goals. There’s a growing recognition of the need for balance and authenticity, particularly in places like Mallorca, where the rhythm of life encourages both productivity and introspection.

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Striking a balance

Pushing ourselves to the brink of burnout has lost its appeal, as earth’s events have forced us to come back to what really matters.

Essential Oils Made in Mallorca

“How you treat that plant is how it will treat you,” says Juan Canaves, conveying his total dedication to an environmentally friendly and ethical business. He distils the island’s endemic plants, crafting natural essential oils with healing and aromatic properties. He also shares the art of distillation and the benefits of connecting with nature at his workshops.

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Essential Oils made in Mallorca

“How you treat that plant is how it will treat you,” says Juan Canaves, conveying his total dedication to an environmentally-friendly and ethical business.

Plant-Based Chefs

Plant-Based Retreat Chef

It is in the sleepy village of Porreres where plant-based nutritionist Lindsey Mackay Robinson is based, attending to clients from all over the world for wellbeing culinary retreats. Usually paired with yoga trainings and fitness camps, her homemade cuisine is designed to sustain – giving our bodies exactly the vitamins and minerals they need.

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Natural Chef and Therapist Rosario Calvo

Rosario Calvo’s biodynamic garden in Sant Joan is a space for natural healing and connection with the earth. Collaborating with her family, including daughter Agusta of Ruda Holística, Rosario carefully selects native Balearic plants with medicinal properties, fostering a sanctuary for holistic wellness. Her dedication to understanding Mallorca’s natural landscape drives her ongoing research, yet her garden remains the heart of her passion for holistic wellbeing.

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