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The pursuit of holistic psychological and emotional well-being has become increasingly essential, particularly for women who juggle multifaceted roles and responsibilities. Amidst the bustling day-to-day of everyday life, tucked away in the winding streets of Palma´s Old Town lies a sanctuary where women find not only relaxation but a profound journey toward inner balance and fulfillment. A haven of holistic care for women’s health and emotional well-being, Beyond Psychology is a clinic designed by women for women –  a place where practitioners truly understand the intricate nuances of its patients’ physical, psychological and emotional landscapes.

Beyond Psychology invites women who are faced with busy personal, family and work lives to nurture themselves with the same tenderness and devotion that they give to others. Combining physiotherapy, psychology, energy work and holistic health, their treatments transcend pampering as they create experiences of sacred healing and restoration. Lose yourself in deep relaxation as you connect with your mind, body and soul.

An Innovative Holistic Treatment Paradigm

María del Mar García Carbonell has spent over 15 years immersed in the study of various cultural approaches to physical and emotional well-being worldwide. Her primary aim has been to develop an innovative holistic treatment model for tackling emotional illnesses. Throughout her journey, she has gleaned insights from esteemed mentors across Europe, Asia, America, and Oceania.

From prestigious European clinics to humble ashrams in India, she has extensively researched and practiced the medicine of the world’s major cultures. This journey has culminated in the development of the treatment paradigm now offered at her clinics in Sydney and Mallorca.

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How Beyond Psychology can help you

Integral Psychology for Women

At Beyond Psychology, they evaluate everything that influences your emotional state, including diet, lifestyle, spirituality, energy, and socio-environmental factors, in addition to using traditional psychological therapies. Using a cutting-edge, all-encompassing approach to emotional wellness, they assist you in regaining your serenity, happiness, and sense of direction. Their interdisciplinary group of experts is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and abilities required to incorporate new, balanced ways of thinking, being, and living into your everyday life.
150 € (90 min)

Revive Experience

A uniquely healing and restorative experience in a wonderful oasis of peace and tranquility located in the heart of Palma. The “Revive Experience” combines the practices of physiotherapy, psychology, and energy work to provide you with a treatment that addresses not only your physical needs but also your emotional and spiritual well-being. This healing space will help you find release in both body and mind, as you are treated to a luxurious massage and guided in exploring any emotional blocks you may be experiencing.
240 € (145 min)

Yachts & Hotels Health Services

In addition to providing long-term services for mental and physical well-being, they also provide one-day therapies tailored especially for women visiting our beautiful island for vacation. When on holidays, you can experience profound mind, body, and spirit revitalisation with their “Revive Experience”, or if you simply want to unwind like never before you are sure to be amazed with their “Holy Body Massage.”
180€ (90 min)


Experience an approach to weight loss that not only provides you with nutritional support but also helps you holistically explore and evaluate your relationship with food and your body. Find success in reaching your weight loss goals as you evaluate your connection to food, your hormonal system and your lifestyle.
150 € (90 min)

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Founder and Director María del Mar García Carbonell’s passion for developing a holistic treatment method based in the best facets of medicine from major cultures around the world is evident in her impressive list of qualifications and studies.

These include: Diploma in Physiotherapy (Spain), Diploma in Counselling and psychotherapy (Sydney, Australia), Master in holistic psychology (Spain), Master in Neurolingustic Programming (USA), Certification in Hypnotherapy (USA), Life coach (Sydney, Australia), Yoga and meditation teacher (India), Indian ayurvedic therapist (India), Indian Tantric Sexuality (India) and official LNT therapist (Spain).

What Beyond Psychology's clients say...

  • “Without words to describe how they have helped me regain my ideal weight by also helping me from a psychological point of view!!! I never thought that learning to manage my emotions would be so important to be able to follow a healthy lifestyle.” -Rocio
  • “Maria has created a unique blend of therapeutic elements that left me absolutely amazed. Thank you for this beautiful holistic transformative experience, your dedication and compassion, I’m really grateful and absolutely recommend.” -Anna
  • “Beyond Psychology has changed my life. For many years I thought I would never be able to regain my happiness, Maria del Mar not only helped me find it, but she taught me the necessary tools so I could create the life I have always wanted for myself.” -Analía
  • “My husband gifted me the “revive experience”. A transforming experience where anything can happen… I’m still floating. Totally recommended! The best gift you can give to someone you really love!” -Vanessa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Beyond Psychology and conventional psychology?
Along with the psychological support offered in conventional therapies, Beyond Psychology treats patients at the holistic level by addressing all of the other aspects that also interfere with one’s emotional state, such as: nutrition, lifestyle, hormonal system, microbiota, energy levels, and the socio-environmental situation.

What exactly is the Revive Experience?
This unique relaxation experience provides healing using integrative psychology combining physiotherapy, psychology and energy work. Every revive session is personalised and unrepeatable, since each patient receives in their therapy exactly what they need at that moment to reestablish their emotional, physical and energetic balance.

Are the sessions in person?
Yes, Beyond Psychology’s services are in person at their clinic located in the centre of Palma, where every detail has been meticulously taken care of to offer you an oasis of luxury, peace and well-being.

Who is the Revive Experience for?
Any woman who would like to enjoy a luxurious experience of deep relaxation and healing, not only on a physical level but also on the emotional and spiritual levels too.


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