Age beautifully with Dr. Morano

“When done well, aesthetic medicine is subtle and delicate”

When family histories are retold, there is often one key moment that defines much of what comes after: a twist of fate, a chance meeting, or – in the case of the Torrens clan – a bold decision that changes the whole course of the family story.

We meet Dr. Morano in the leafy gardens of Can Bordoy in Palma. It’s a last-minute and inspired change of venue arranged by his daughter Aina. She takes a seat beside him. Her presence indicates the importance of her role in the clinic’s running as well as a visible show of support for her father’s work.

It would be convenient to call Dr Morano an artist. It would fit comfortably beside our stories of designers and artisans. But he would reject the term. He’s a scientist and a doctor whose goal isn’t to leave his signature on his patients. “Who did your lips?” is not a question Dr Morano ever wants them to be asked. “When done well, aesthetic medicine is subtle and delicate,” he tells us. “It improves what is already there and works to prevent deterioration.”

We can’t help scrutinising the doctor’s face for signs of work. He has fine laughter lines which give him a kindly expression and there is a natural glow to his skin. He simply looks healthy. Our conclusion would please him since an appearance of good health is what he wants most for his clients. “It’s not about being handsome or ugly. Good health is beautiful,” he says.

He invites us to move beyond the image of the bandaged celebrity hiding away until their surgery wounds have healed. Times have changed. There have been huge advancements. “We shouldn’t identify aesthetic medicine with aggressive and invasive treatments which change our expression or the shape of our bodies.”

He describes the effectiveness of the Revit-Facial for recovering the physiological properties of younger skin. The process consists in injecting the skin with a carefully-distributed series of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and a small dose of hyaluronic acid. The latter ingredient is also used to fill pores and eliminate imperfections.

We want to know if it’s painful. Dr Morano laughs before assuring us that the application of anaesthetic cream makes the process more comfortable. He knows what he’s talking about since he tries every treatment on himself before offering it to his patients. That explains his wonderful skin. What demonstrates even more confidence in his products is his treatment of his own dear daughter.

We’re a little surprised that at twenty-eight Aina needs any treatment at all. But then for Dr Morano and his team, the aim is prevention. The mission is to minimise the cost of ageing by making positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle now. That’s why the clinic advises patients on nutrition and exercise as well as cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. A Revit-Facial is an optional part of a long term programme to optimise a patient’s health and beauty.

Does that mean beauty isn’t skin deep after all? “ The World Health Organization defines health as physical and mental wellbeing. I’m convinced aesthetic medicine is of physical and emotional benefit,” Dr Morano says. Seeing his patients flourish in self-confidence is a daily reminder of the life-changing nature of his work. Not an artist, perhaps, but certainly an expert in recognising the artistry behind every face.

Photos by Sara Savage

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