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Supercharge your energy with IV Therapy

From rehydrating your body and strengthening immunity to treating nutritional deficiencies, IV infusions can be an effective lifestyle medicine tool to help optimise your health and well-being.

Dra Estrella Fernandez

Look in the mirror and love what you see

Seek the expertise of Dr Estrella Fernández for treatments that rejuvenate the skin in the most delicate and non-evasive way.

Dra Estrella Fernandez

Feel rejuvenated with Dr Estrella Fernández

Feel rejuvenated inside and out with the expertise and knowledge of Dr Estrella Fernández – one of Mallorca’s top anti-ageing experts.

Personal trainer James Timmons Mallorca

How to age well by Dr James Timmons

Dr. James Timmons is an expert in exercise and how it strengthens the body as we age. His years of research have led him to helping people live healthier and longer.

How Covid-19 has affected our health

The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact our mental wellbeing, but psychologist Nicole Blay shares strategies to stay healthy in these uncertain times.

Clínica Rotger

Top medical attention and assistance in Mallorca is provided by Clínica Rotger, the multilingual health centre caring for every need.

Clínica Juaneda

When you think of private healthcare in Mallorca, the first name that springs to mind is the ever-present, excellent Clínica Juaneda.

Palma’s big-hearted paediatrician

Not only does he see up to seventy children a day, the caring Paediatrics also finds time to help some of the poorest children in the world. Find out more.