“A magical cycle of wellbeing”

Dra. Estrella Fernandez on minimally invasive facial rejuvenation

You look great today!” We all know how much this makes us feel better, even for just a moment. However, Dra. Estrella Fernandez knows just how important this can be for our personal wellbeing, which she sees every day in her patients. In her private beauty clinic in Palma, this specialist in eye and facial surgery offers minimally invasive treatments for a natural but effective facial rejuvenation.

At first glance you might think that nothing has changed. But look a little closer, and you’ll notice the lines around the mouth are softer and the eyes more alert. Anyone looking at a former patient of Dra. Estrella Fernandez won’t be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes them look so good. “For me, it’s like magic! To improve the facial features so minimally that no-one notices that anything was done,” says the experienced doctor. “It’s a magical cycle of wellbeing,” as the more we accept ourselves the more positive and relaxed we are with others and therefore, the more successful and self-confident we are. The doctor is convinced that “if the signals we send to our brain everyday are positive then this can positively affect our appearance, even alleviating depression.” Hence, Estrella’s natural facial rejuvenation technique focuses not on surgery but on wellbeing where “the pleasure of taking care of oneself” prevails.

The Spanish medical specialist is able to look back on an impressive international career. She studied medicine specialising in cosmetic surgery and ophthalmology in Barcelona and has worked in the Westminster Hospital in London and the department of plastic eye surgery at the Herzog Carl Theodor Klink in Munich. In 2007 she was appointed Director of the Department of Oculoplastic Surgery at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and, in 2009, opened her first clinic in Palma. In 2019 Dra. Estrella Fernandez then opened her new centre in Palma’s Triquet building. With a wealth of experience in microsurgery, Dra. Estrella Fernandez removes bags under the eyes, reduces drooping eyelids and tightens up the area around the eyes with blepharoplasty. “Our eyes are the windows of our soul and determine 80% of our appearance!” In her elegant premises she also offers highly effective medical peelings, laser treatments and bioplastia, the natural alternative to the facelift. She does her more elaborate operations at Clinica Rotger.

So, what is the secret to a beautiful face? “It should appear harmonious, regardless of whether you’re moving or motionless.” Every treatment is uniquely individual and is based on a diagnosis that determines the needs of the patient. “The diagnosis is the most important!” she says, in which every area of her patients is analysed in detail – the symmetrical structure, genetic predisposition and traces of time. “Life leaves its mark on all of us.” Whether it is happiness, worry, anger or too much sun, “our lives and the way we live them are written on our faces”. However, the treatment of these marks allows Estrella Fernandez to achieve the most natural results. When she treats a patient she does not look only for rejuvenation but to enhance what is already present, eliminating lines of tiredness and stress. Therefore, she often asks her clients to bring in photos of their family to help identify genetic parallels and determine “the direction the journey is going in.” “The aim is to get the best version of yourself and not to become someone else.”

It is said that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, this first impression shouldn’t be based on fulfilling beauty ideals but only on how we feel and what we radiate: a harmonious, friendly and positive appearance!

Photos by Sara Savage

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