“Beauty treatments have become socially acceptable”

Dr. Morano discusses the change in values in the beauty business

Dr. Morano is, undoubtedly, someone who knows the beauty business well – the doctor has been working in the field on Mallorca for 30 years, and his beauty clinic in Palma is one of the most well-known on the island. The private clinic, which extends across several floors, is located in a historic corner building not far from the Ramblas. Here highly professional treatments are offered for the holistic health and beauty of men and women, ranging from facial rejuvenation, cosmetics and neck lifts, to hair loss and vein treatments.

“We started with very simple things such as cellulite and acne treatments and then grew with our clients’ specific wishes.” Dr. Morano has seen the change in the beauty industry over the years first hand, from the cult of the body beautiful to health trends. Consequently he witnessed the accompanying results, such as extreme collagen treatments on celebrities, while also benefitting from an increasing interest from the public, which came later on. Over the years he has often had to explain the exact work of the beauty profession and, in doing so, has tirelessly continued training. “The fascinating thing about this job is that it is constantly changing!”
Dr. Morano finds it surprising that demand has never dropped, even during the economic crisis. “Here the social demands really challenged people to make the best of themselves.” At the same time, the technology as well as the cosmetics made unbelievable progress. “There are now fewer invasive treatments thanks to modern technology. A laser treatment is certainly gentler than surgical intervention.” In general, the following is true: “The more preventive a procedure, the less invasive it is. The earlier you start with the treatment, the less drastic the diagnosis!”

“Beauty treatments have become socially acceptable!” The beauty industry’s whole concept has really changed: today, patients want something different to what they wanted in the 80s or 90s, at the height of the beauty craze. Whilst the treatments of that time were more about visual effects and drawing attention to yourself, the focus today is more on wellbeing. Today the beauty ideal is different – the more natural and healthy a person looks, the more attractive they are. It is a progressive and healthy development with the aim of prolonging wellbeing and self-esteem for as long as possible. “Today we don’t remove wrinkles, we improve the skin.” If people like themselves, they feel better. For this, the holistic aspect of the body and soul is examined very closely. Dr Morano sees the role of a good cosmetic surgeon as being able to say “STOP” – “To be able to put the brakes on, put a barrier in front of some beauty craze, and save people from themselves.” The number of male clients has also significantly grown, just as the average age has got younger but also much older. “An 80-year-old lady came to me recently. She doesn’t want to impress anyone with the treatment but just wants to feel comfortable in herself!”

What is beauty? “A feeling! A unique experience. A perception of nature, architecture, the world or another person. You may not perceive it at first glance but, after a moment of honest contact, you will suddenly fall in love with a face that you may not have noticed at first. That is beauty! Totally irrespective of age or beauty trends.”

Photos by Sara Savage

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Clínica Morano

Baró De Pinopar, 12 · 1º, Palma

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