Clínica Áureo

"Our goal is to be one of the aesthetic medicine clinics of reference in Baleares"

Someone once said, “It can be easier to change your political ideology or favourite soccer team than your dietary habits.”This was the surprising premise recounted by Cristina Núñez Fernández, one of the doctors at Clínica Áureo, to a patient who desperately wanted to lose weight. Surprising, because there are many aesthetic medical centres promising quick fixes and magical solutions to people’s personal appearance concerns – but Clínica Áureo will never be one of them.

Months after the initial consultation, after supporting the client to make vital lifestyle changes, taking a natural and holistic approach to her wellbeing, the initial objectives had been reached, and the woman was 20 kilos lighter, re-energized, and happier with her body and health than ever.

This is a classic case study from the fresh, modern Palma clinic, situated a minute from the ring road in Sa Vileta, specialising in aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetology, dentistry and nutrition. A company made up of such a prestigious, credible raft of health professionals will always have a strong sense of social responsibility, meaning it places the greatest emphasis on health, balance, and ultimate patient happiness.

The nurses, doctors and therapists at Clínica Áureo do not seek to transform, but to bring out the best version of each person they treat. They want their patients to step out of this calm oasis in the city with a beautifully natural result.

Anyone wishing to improve their self-image and health, or address a concern that bothers them, has access to the latest treatments and technology in the hands of highly qualified professionals, who undergo continual training, and show exceptional empathy to every client.

To be one of the clinics of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and dentistry of reference in the Balearic Islands is Clínica Áureo’s goal.Whatever they wish for, be it whiter teeth, healthier skin, a rejuvenating facial, bikini-ready body, or permanent hair reduction, men and women enter knowing they’ll leave looking like themselves, only better, prompting the response: “You’re looking well… have you been on holiday?”It’s up to them if they want to reveal the truth: No – just to Clínica Áureo.

Address details

Clínica Áureo

Camí de la Vileta, 39, Planta 1, Local 1, Palma