A transformational day retreat in Mallorca!

A holistic day retreat that can be life transforming, hosted by Dr. Helen Cummins

Dr. Helen Cummins

The Monday following a weekend retreat day, business consultant Rupert Kammerich faced some crucial corporate meetings. Vital decisions needed to be made, that would dictate the future. Held in a safe, nurturing space with Dr. Helen Cummins’ calm, clear guidance, retreat attendees experienced a deeply transformative programme combining physical movement, breathwork, meditation and creative activities. A therapeutic constellation workshop – giving insight into how to gain liberation from the weights that pull you down and keep you stuck – especially resonated with Kammerich. As a result of the day, he was finally able to close chapters in his life he’d wanted to make peace with for a long time. “I felt so free and full of energy afterwards,” he affirmed. “I took the opportunity to cut off what had dragged me down to create space for something new and exciting.” Starting his week completely reinvigorated, the German businessman knew this was the perfect moment to implement what he’d learned.

“Certainly, it wouldn’t have happened without the retreat days.” Kammerich isn’t alone. Economist and entrepreneur Fernanda Richmond, who has participated in three retreats so far, extolls their value. “I like participating in the retreat because it makes me so happy; it fills me with positive energy,” she says simply. More than this, they have revealed part of herself and her path she wasn’t yet aware of. The latest retreat was “exhausting”, but took her to an elevated emotional and spiritual level. “In the meditations, I was able to reach a state I have never reached before. I saw myself crying, not from sadness or grief, but from peace and above all, gratitude.”

A skilled facilitator

Dr. Cummins isn’t some sort of new-age guru, but a skilled facilitator equipped with intensive training who in recent years has undergone a personal shift of her own. This experience, sparked by an introduction to Kundalini yoga in 2020, helps her connect to the circle in a meaningful way. A doctorate in Training and Development is now put to good use designing retreats and workshops that can have a life-altering impact on participants. “What really holds people back from enjoying a happy, and prosperous life are limiting beliefs, personal blockages, lack of clarity and connection to their inner power,” she says. While traditional learning processes can provide entrepreneurs with vital skills and knowledge, they don’t reach the subconscious mind and spirit. Tapping into those elements, profound change really is possible. Now, having become a Kundalini yoga teacher, and training as a Family Constellation facilitator as well as becoming a certified Integrative Nutrition health coach, Dr. Cummins has created a unique programme to aid lasting personal transformation. Also harnessing a cathartic blend of art and meditation, she combines activities that harmonise an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual essences.

Each person is on their own journey

“The main goal is to get the person out of their head and into their heart – connecting more to their intuition, compassion, love and gratitude. Creating and hosting these retreats brings me so much joy; seeing entrepreneurs and business professionals make a shift in their mindset, even in one retreat day.”

One such individual is Regina Grunwald, a real estate entrepreneur, who recognises that we all go through challenges that leave us depleted, but hold the potential for regeneration: “All people, no matter where they are in their lives, are sometimes vulnerable and sensitive. With intention, though, we can regain strength and develop positively.” One important aspect, Grunwald believes, is connections between people, and being open to them.

Fellow attendee Richmond agrees. “For me these retreats are very important because it is a place where I connect deeply with my feelings, and on a more profound level with the other participants. It gives me the sense of belonging in a space that I want to be mine definitively,” she says. Participants take from the experience precisely what they need. For Kammerich, one such blessing is the renewed conviction of being his own master, a feeling he finds “overwhelming” in its strength.

Dr Cummins, having gone through her own awakening brought about by the transfiguring effects of daily Kundalini yoga practice, honours the personal nature of spiritual evolution. “Each person is on their own journey,” she says, “and with some loving guidance they can reach their true potential and happiness a little faster.”

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