Slow Living Mallorca magazine 2023

Find out ways to live your life wholeheartedly and read about successful business stories with a slow approach

The theme of this year’s edition was inspired by the /Take a Moment initiative that originated in the UK, evolving from a virtual exhibition in 2020 to a global movement advocating mental wellness amidst life’s frenetic pace. Visit to witness this transformative campaign expanding the archive of moments from thousands to millions of closed-eye selfies.

In the whirlwind of our accelerating lives, ‘Take a Moment’ serves as a poignant reminder to decelerate, embrace stillness, and simply be. It’s a modest action with profound implications for our collective emotional and mental welfare. See our local interpretation of ‘Take a Moment’ on page 68.

This edition of Slow Living Mallorca is an invitation to immerse yourself fully in slow experiences across the island. Rather than dwelling on the theoretical basis and benefits of a slower lifestyle, it’s now time to fully partake in the tangible richness of slowing down.

Take the journey to the rural eastern townland of Felanitx to join passionate chef Andy Ciempiel and his partner Gosia at their regular ‘Farm-to-Table’ event where you can get your hands dirty harvesting the abundance of organic vegetables from the garden before relishing it in a delightful lunch. Bring your kids and enjoy a memorable day in the countryside. Flip through our guide on page 42 to discover other enriching and lesser-known slow experiences.

For a more transformational experience, join me for a holistic programme of yoga, meditation, an interactive workshop, and constellation and creative activities at a retreat day designed to elevate your life.At our weekly Tuesday morning Open House event I met Nahomie, a Miami-based lawyer, who has just recently moved to Son Serra de Marina in the north of the island. We were so inspired by her story of relocating here that we want to share it with you. Many more professionals and entrepreneurs are living in the US who are dreaming of starting a new life in Mallorca and Nahomie’s story (page 38) echoes the truth that dreams do materialize when we summon the courage to pursue them.

In the Last Word on page 138, Ché Miller explains what consuming slow actually means and how we are blessed on Mallorca to live amongst a community of artisans and enterprises that embrace the essence of slowness. “Residing on this island is in itself an invitation to live slow, to weave deliberate and mindful consumption into our everyday routines,” she writes.

We want to encourage you to connect with the values of Slow, to consciously carve your path and not be swept away in a sea of busyness. For more inspiration on this topic, visit the website – your complete guide to relocating and living in Mallorca.

Enjoy Slow Living in Mallorca,

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