Live a purpose-driven life in Mallorca

After more than 20 years of living in Mallorca, Dr Helen Cummins has gone through one of her most transformative years yet.

Helen Cummins
Helen Cummins

During times of change, our belief systems are shaken. New thoughts arise, our bodies adapt and our focus recentres. It’s easy for many of us to pinpoint the pandemic as a recent catalyst for change, but there is a powerful undercurrent that exists within us from day one. This is what Dr Helen Cummins, owner of abcMallorca Digital Media, calls your ‘true essence’ which if listened to intently can help you live a more authentic life.

After years of exploring her inner voice, Helen says once you connect with your true essence, “a feeling of ease arises” – where you are guided along your path rather than having to fight every step of the way. From restructuring her business, practicing Kundalini Yoga daily and spending more time in nature, Helen has experienced the many benefits of growing your conscious awareness. Now she would like to share her philosophy with others, who like her, wish to run a business that contributes to Mallorca and the community.

From slow to purpose-driven

The Slow Movement has always been at the core of the Helen Cummins brand for its perfect alignment with living in the Mediterranean. By nature, the island’s sunshine, wild terrain and strong local community make it the ideal place to slow down and appreciate life’s simpler offerings. However, within the last year, Helen talks of a shift in what people here are seeking. Rather than just moving to Mallorca as a place to wind-down, there is a bigger call for people (particularly business-owners) to live and work more consciously. “Some people might say it’s your higher self or a kind-of intuition –  it’s becoming consciously aware of your life purpose. The point is, we are all searching for deeper and more meaningful experiences,” she says.

The year for Slow Living

In this 2020 Slow Luxury Living magazine, Helen explains why the year was an important one in slowing down and appreciating where we are.

Having recognised this need in herself, Helen explains that it’s been a spiritual journey to fully understanding this new level of awareness. “It’s not just an idea that you get from one day to the other – it really is a way of life.” She talks of daily meditation and refocusing her energy on the things that really matter, which in business, has been helping other local entrepreneurs. From hosting branding workshops to easing new businesses into the local market, Helen has been offering one-to-one mentoring sessions at her office in Palma. In doing this, she hopes that more purpose-driven businesses on the island can start off the back of her support.

Purposeful people

In this shift towards a more conscious way of life in Mallorca, there are already signs of positive change happening. Helen flicks to the inspiring stories we’ve captured in this edition, highlighting The Alaró Beehive as just one example of a value-driven project. In their collaboration with local artists, Katrin, Anja and Monica exemplify what happens when like-minded, purposeful people come together. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Their work makes Alaró a more interesting place, it inspires the people who live there and supports artists at the same time,” Helen explains. She goes further, adding that ‘true essence’ can be about anything as long as it aligns with your belief system. “In the case of the Alaró Beehive their core is creativity, but it could be organic food like Rosario Calvo or essentials oils like Juan Canaves.”

Looking forward, Helen believes it’s an exciting time to be doing business in Mallorca. With an increase in younger people moving to the island, she says that millennials are bringing a “greater sense of freedom and choice.” As she says this, she remembers a crinkled red piece of paper in her book, preserved from a Yogi tea she had prior. As she passes it across the table, her smile says it all. “Truth is everlasting” she reads, “it perfectly sums up the longevity of what we’re experiencing. Our shared truth is here to make a big impact.”

Text by Rosie Foot
Photos by Sara Savage