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Live a purpose-driven life in Mallorca

Dr Helen Cummins shares her journey to finding her own true essence and why the brightest future for Mallorca rests on others doing the same.

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Helen Cummins slow living interview

Looking back at the year 2020

Owner of abcMallorca, Helen Cummins, shares her experience of running her Mallorca business in light of COVID-19 and its effect on the local economy.

2020 the year for Slow Living

In this 2020 Slow Luxury Living magazine, Helen explains why the year was an important one in slowing down and appreciating where we are.

HC 312 celebration

312km later with Helen Cummins

Helen Cummins and her friends successfully cycled 312km, completing the entire lap of the island in just 2 days and raising over 6k for charity!

Why bookmark

Slow Living Mallorca by Helen Cummins offers a carefully-curated selection of inspiring ideas and authentic experiences to live your best life on Mallorca.

Helen Cummins takes on the 312 for charity

Support Helen Cummins as she takes on the 312 Mallorca to raise money for the local charity Mallorca Sense Fam.

Introducing the hc/ Slow Luxury Living Magazine

Slow Luxury Living is the first magazine to be produced under the hc/ brand, which is for all of you interested to live on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

A Mediterranean Pace of Life

In our increasingly chaotic world, The Slow Movement is gaining in popularity with many choosing to live on Mallorca and enjoy a more tranquil life.

15 years marks a milestone for Helen Cummins

The latest spring edition of abcMallorca marks exactly 15 years since the first one came into being. Founder Dr Helen Cummins reveals its origins, how it’s evolved, and what lies ahead.

Defining Luxury: The search for a new meaning

A discussion on the new meaning of luxury and how it is changing in recent years. Helen Cummins gives her views on the factors that are currently influenceing the new meaning of luxury.