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Dr Helen Cummins

Whether you live in Mallorca permanently or visit often, the hc/ community is a space to connect with others who – just like you – have a deep connection with the island. Pioneered by island entrepreneur Dr Helen Cummins, helencummins.com is for people who appreciate authentic living in Mallorca. A resident of Mallorca for over twenty years, Helen is an advocate for the Mediterranean lifestyle and the way in which it inspires us to slow down and appreciate what surrounds us.

The hc/ newsletter covers local interviews, place guides as well as tips and recommendations from Helen herself. People from all around the world who share the slow philosophy are invited to join the discussion by subscribing to the hc/ newsletter or by following Helen on InstagramFacebook.

Have a read below of some of the emails and messages sent from hc/ followers!

Inspired by the hc/ September Newsletter


Hello Helen,

Great to have stumbled upon your wonderful site! Looking forward to receiving the newsletters as I am preparing to move to Mallorca. Will do my first house viewings beginning of October.

Your site is already giving me better insight and recommendations.

With kind wishes,



Dear Helen,

I’ve been a fan of yours, of your Meticulously expressed website & e-newsletter: for years!

Thank you for continuing to deliver gorgeous & inspiration into my email Inbox.

Starting around last October Ive been exploring moving my son & I to Mallorca ( with my first born who is a “ four legged” furry guy). We live in Greenwich CT; i lived for 15 years prior in London, paris, Buenos Aires & Sevilla. I miss Europe.  Am craving a wholesome slower more gentle way of living and roots being put down for my 6 year old son ! my parents used to have a place in Son Vida — I’ve had a growing love affair with Mallorca since my early 20s — Esporles being one of my favourite areas ….so much more to explore.

All is looking possible for us to move there – just a matter of timing with what we are all facing that seems to pop up with new news daily on optimistic, then pessimistic news ..

Truly, hats off

Hope to get to meet you.

Be well & safe,

Suzanne Aaronson

Inspired by the hc/ August Newsletter


Good Morning Helen,

Hoping you might remember me from my restaurant, Osteria N15 in Puerto Pollensa and previously at my second hand furniture shop in Pollensa.

One of my new projects is Wicked Ice; Alcoholic Ice Cream (Vegan and Non Allergen).  The founders, Dave and Monique Broadhurst are based in Mallorca and manufacture in Valencia.  The company is presently in the process of a rebrand and I am advising in the capacity of production and distribution.

 What are the chances of being able to entice you to a taste and test – at your office so your team could enjoy it also?  A lunchtime treat!

In the meantime, thanks for all the emails which continue to keep our morale up.  In fact, your recent article on slowing down in Sóller prompted us to book a 4 day break there this weekend.  A testament to email marketing… it does work!

Best wishes to you and the family.




Whilst we are currently in America, we remain in Mallorca in our hearts every day. If you find the opportunity to highlight local businesses who are able to ship merchandise internationally (and selfishly, specifically to the USA), I am sure others like myself would be pleased to continue to support our beloved island from afar, even as we ache not knowing when we will be able to return. 

For starters, Antic Mallorca & Dos Alquemistas have both indicated they would ship here. 

Thank you for sharing the magic of Mallorca.

Best regards,



Dear Helen,

Many thanks for  your latest newsletter which is excellent and very helpful. I am a regular visitor to the island staying  in Palma at the wonderful Hotel Gloria. However owing to Covid 19 I am unable to visit at the moment . Hopefully matters will improve and I can visit next year . I have been spending  the New Year in Palma  for the last  9 years but will be missing this year unfortunately.

 Kind Regards,

 Mike Gaffney

Inspired by the hc/ July Newsletter



Firstly, thank you for your newsletter, I am blown away by this website, in fact I am now a little obsessed!

My husband and I had been talking about taking a holiday in Majorca for a while now. We have spent a couple of nice weekends over the years in Palma. I’ve always known there was a lot more to Majorca other than Palma and the more well known tourist resorts that did not appeal too much.

I have only just discovered your website and want to say it’s incredible and has helped us book our forthcoming trip this September to stay our first night in Palma, 3 days at the Salvia in Sóller and then a further 3 days at La Residencia in Deià. I am also now armed with a list of restaurants to try, places to see whilst there and things to do….. thank you!

I wonder would it be okay to ask you where you would suggest for the final 2 days. I’m not sure if this is something you like to do or not but thought I’d ask as as a little overwhelmed with the choice. Open to any suggestions… just somewhere that may finish this trip off perfectly.

I hope I may hear from you and if I do not – no worries and I understand you must get bombarded with these emails. I will continue to check into the website and read the news letters either way.

Best wishes


Inspired by the hc/ June Newsletter


Hi Helen,

I wanted to introduce you to Julieta. My new campervan/tiny home on wheels! I have decided to leave my shared accommodation to move into her full time. I will still have the same job (based in London, but allowing me to work remotely from the island).

I am originally from Mallorca and just waiting for the boarders to open to be able to drive back.

I started looking into buying a van in November, but I remember thinking the campervan was going to only be used at weekends and for holidays. However, after ‘been stuck’ at my parents in North Yorkshire, during the pandemic. I have realised I do no miss living in a city and I am much happier in the countryside, so I am leaving to live full time in Julieta.

I imagine I lot of people will be looking at changing their lifestyles after the pandemic to have a more simpler life and closer to nature. I have a feeling there will be many articles about it soon…

So thought I would share my experience. In case you would like to write about it in my favourite Mallorca magazine. You can see more pictures on my Instagram account @martazaforteza



Inspired by the hc/ May Newsletter

IAN O’REILLY, 12TH MAY 2020, Ireland

Hi Helen,

I hope this email finds you very well. It’s actually “sunny” here today in the sunny south east! To be fair, we have had a good run of weather of late. I’ve given some thought to the message in your newsletter and this is what I think is importance right now….

Mind-set and kindness, is there anything more important right now?

When faced with adversity, like the pandemic we are living with right now, it can feel like so much is out of our control. However, the one thing we have control over is how we choose to respond. When facing a challenge or set back, you always have 3 choices. You can give up, give in or give it all you have. Positive self-talk is one of the most productive things we can do each and every day and is more important than ever right now. Being proactive and taking control of your mind and your thoughts ensures a negative thought does not turn into a long term negative conversation in your head. Adversity and set backs are not final, they are an experience and you can bounce back. History and the resilience of humanity has shown us this and just maybe when we come through this we will see more of WE and less of ME in the world. Now wouldn’t that be a great outcome!

We talk so much about “mental toughness” and “resilience”. True mental toughness and resilience is the ability to see the bright side in what might appear a hopeless situation. Now is your time to be the example to those around you! If you are in a position of leadership and whatever that looks like, remember this: it is far easier to lead when times are good, the great leaders step up when times are challenging and provide the “light at the end of the tunnel” to those that might just need it right now.

Each day is a new opportunity to live and lead the best life possible and be the example that some people might need right now, remembering that this time will pass and life no doubt will be different than it was before. My sense is that it could be better and more meaningful with a greater appreciation for those loved ones in our lives. One thing this pandemic can teach us is the importance of switching off, and spending more “quality” time with family and loved ones whilst remembering the only guarantee we have is the gift of the present so when you are with family/loved ones be “fully there and present”….

On a personal note this pandemic experience has provided an opportunity for reflection and has certainly given me a better understanding of who I want to be….

To close with a quote I love and a reminder to us all. It costs us nothing to be kind, Mark Twain once said…, “Kindness is the virtue that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” As we move through these challenging times, we should never underestimate the profound impact random acts of kindness can have on another person, be that buying a stranger a cup of coffee, praising someone for a job well done or simply paying someone a compliment. Remember, the choice and what you decide to do is always within your control. What will you choose to do today to demonstrate your kindness?

All the best and stay safe,



Hola Helen,

I loved your article this month although it made me a bit sad that I wasn’t there. I would normally have been coming out to Mallorca about now for my first of 3 or 4 visits to Deia as I have been for about 25 years.

Spring and late autumn are my favourite times on the island but I guess this year will just be memories, although I am keeping everything crossed for a safe flight out in the autumn to see all my friends again , who knows !

The overall benefit is that my garden here will look its best for a long time and thanks to lockdown I will be fitter, like you my bike has been dusted off. {your recipes will help}

As you say “poco a poco”, we will all hopefully reflect on this time and retain the changes we have made to our everyday life and perhaps take time to enjoy good things and good friends.

Thank you for your articles, they will keep me going until I can make the short hop over again. In the meantime stay safe and well.

Best wishes,



Dear Helen,

It sounds like you and your family has managed OK during the quarantine, thank goodness. I just wanted to say how impressed I am by your latest HC Newsletter! Good for you!

We are fine, have actually enjoyed these weeks at home immensely, as we never have time to enjoy our house. Soo, we have got so much done in the garden, inside the house and now with shutters and outside furniture. Plus time for reading and enjoying. How fortunate all of us, who live in houses and have a garden, are!!

Take care, stay safe and enjoy!

Best regards,

Ann x


Dear Helen,
We appreciate all your tips about Mallorca. But, I think, the most (second) house owners like to known when they will be able to visit Mallorca again. I think an update about that would really enjoy a lot of your readers.

Kind regards
Patrick Mol


I love your reflection well done x


Hi Helen,

Just received and read your great newsletter. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure you’ve done the best out of this crazy experience.

Here are my humble thoughts on what should come next:-)

I’m positive and believe this all happened for the best. A lot of people are claiming to come back to normal, but our pre-coronavirus existence was not normal, and we should not long to return to greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion,…

As we approach the complete de-confinement maybe we should accept what happened and keep up with what we’ve learned during this extraordinary experience. Go forward with our own inward journey, enjoy and respect nature more than ever, stop consuming unconsciously: reduce-reuse-recycle should be for all of us and more than ever before an evidence.

Travel I believe will also be very different. The way we could all travel the last couple of years was great but an enormous catastrophe for our planet. So I believe the message is crystal clear: time has come to talk about decay rather than growth.

On a personal note I hope people will have come to realise it doesn’t take much to be happy. I hope they’ll understand that there is no need to compare ourselves to a certain dictate way of life. Everyone should find their own way, identity and live their dream life. Spend time with our beloved, take walks in nature, meditate, practice gratitude, find some spiritual practice, help our community … That’s all we should be worried about.

I know the transition will be hard for some, and yet I am profoundly certain that we will all come out stronger and happier after this storm.

From my home to yours I wish us all to turn our back to fear and keep the faith.

Stay safe.

Warm regards,


Dr. Helen Cummins is a lifestyle editor, publisher and successful entrepreneur, who has lived and worked in Palma de Mallorca for the past 20 years. She started abcMallorca.com in 2003 which has grown into one of the island’s largest websites with over 6 million visits per annum.

Her website helencummins.com is a compilation of all the things she values since moving to the island, running hc/ Digital Media and creating an idyllic life in Son Vida with her husband Georg and daughter Eva.

Slow Luxury Living is what sits at the heart of the hc/ website, which aims to inspire people to slow down and appreciate the Mediterranean lifestyle. Alongside her editorial team, Helen handpicks businesses and places that adhere to SLOW: Sustainable, Local, Organic and made with Love.