312km later with Helen Cummins

After 2 days cycling 312km around Mallorca, over 6k has been raised for Mallorca Sense Fam!

0:34/ Feeling on a high
1:23/ The timeline
2:03/ How Helen prepared
3:44/ The team
4:29/ Jon Anders Arambalza
5:00/ Any challenges along the way?
8:00/ Mallorca Sense Fam
9:08/ The donations
11:03/ Supporting Helen
12:07/ Tips and recommendations
13:07/ Cycling the Helen Cummins way

On 17th and 18th October, Helen Cummins and team successfully completed 312km around Mallorca for the local charity, Mallorca Sense Fam. The cycle presented no unexpected challenges on the way, including no punctures or injuries. It was a smooth run, led by Adventure Racer Jon Ander Arambalza who helped the team push on and complete the cycle in good time.

The team cycled through some of Mallorca’s prettiest villages including Sóller and Pollensa where friends and family cheered from the sidelines. In Deià, British artist Alan Hydes and partner Nancy very kindly prepared the team with refreshments. Fresh smoothies, coffee and homemade cakes were received with plenty of gratitude.

In total, Helen and her team have raised over €6.000 for charity, which includes a very generous donation of €2000 from Germany. “We’re over the moon with the amount we have raised for Mallorca Sense Fam and the money hasn’t just come from people here, but from all over the world! A massive thank you to everyone who has donated! The money will help so many families this winter.”

Helen and team celebrated in the abcMallorca Business Hub, where the team were joined by Mallorca Sense Fam president Catalina Aguiló Picó. On behalf of the cycling team, Helen presented Catalina with a cheque for €6500, which Catalina explained will help thousands of families this winter on Mallorca struggling for food.

“From everyone at Mallorca Sense Fam, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated. Your support to the local community matters so much, particularly during this difficult time.”