The joy of an active family life in Mallorca

Jon Ander Arambalza and his family love every aspect of life outdoors on Mallorca

Arambalza-Moreda family

Many years ago, personal trainer and Adventure Racer Jon Ander Arambalza moved to Mallorca and met Pilates coach, Amaia. He grew up in Bilbao where, from an early age, he trekked the natural parks of The Basque Country. Encouraged by his parents, Jon travelled to competitions all over the world never limiting himself to just one area of fitness. Trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and navigating are amongst his favourites (as part of the Adventure Racing World Series), but starting a family on Mallorca he says has lengthened his list.

“There’s nowhere quite like this island for sport” he says, smiling at Amaia who was born and raised on Mallorca. “You’ve got such a vast landscape that never stops challenging you. I’ve been all over the world for sport and I’ve never found better.” They are joined by their two children, Eder and Naia who couldn’t agree more. Eder beams for his love of snorkelling in Playa de Muro while Naia, slightly shier, says she loves camping in the garden. “We’ve always felt it a priority to get our children outside and active,” Jon says. “Nutrition and exercise isn’t covered as much as it should be at school, so we feel it’s our job to provide that.” He looks over at them play fighting and Eder bounces over. “They both made their first tortillas recently which got them so excited,” Amaia says, taking Eder under her arm.

Luckily for their children, Jon and Amaia are highly accomplished in the wellness sector on Mallorca. Jon works one-to-one with people looking to enhance their fitness, covering training for events like the 312 Mallorca to fulfilling personal goals such as losing weight. Amaia, runs her own Pilates classes in Palma which targets women suffering from back pain. “We live in a sit-down society” she says, “so it’s important to get moving, even if it’s just a little bit.” Jon nods, “being healthy is about changing habits, but doing it slowly. Too many of my clients come to me wanting an instant fix. It does take some commitment.”

While Jon and Amaia promote routine in fitness, they say that a healthy life should be a relaxed one, full of fun and laughter. “Love what you do and how you move and the health will follow,” Jon explains, adding that motivation is everywhere on Mallorca. From sunshine, sea air to pine forests, the island lends itself to exercising outdoors. Although for the Arambalza-Moreda family, there’s only one place they all enjoy with equal enthusiasm. “The forest at Castell de Bellver,” little Naia says with a grin, as Jon fastens her cycling helmet. “It’s the best spot for mountain biking!” he beams, taking to his bike and leading his tribe towards the trees.

Written by Rosie Foot | Photos by Sara Savage

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