Back to the Beginning with Helen Cummins

The entrepreneur & lifestyle editor reveals what lies at the heart of her work in Mallorca

Join Helen as she explains to hc/ Content Manager Rosie how her journey on Mallorca started. From first arriving on holiday with a friend, meeting her now-husband Georg and establishing the abcMallorca and hc/ brands, Helen reveals all sides to life and work in Mallorca.

00:30/ Why Mallorca?
1:12/ Living in Son Vida
2:17/ Discovering Mallorca
3:19/ abcMallorca
4:10/ Marketing Mallorca
5:27/ The Values of the Business
6:20/ Helen’s Vision
7:40/ The hc/ Website
9:00/ Local Business in Mallorca
10:24/ The hc/ Community
11:19/ A New Vision for Mallorca

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