NXT Boardroom in Palma Old Town

With its boardroom level curated network, NXT Boardroom offers an exceptional executive community of knowledge, know how and capital to help make business ideas a reality.

Bodhana Wellness Centre Mallorca

Find the value of you in your business

Personal values and truth belong in business. Here, we share our reflections after visiting 21 small business owners across Mallorca.

Smarter connections for better business

If you’re looking to connect to other executive business people in Mallorcaand form part of a community, join NXT Boardroom in Palma.

The Rise of Coworking in Mallorca

Coworking and working remotely are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and now Mallorca has its own spaces for entrepreneurs on the island.

Iberostar’s Sabina Fluxá on Sustainable Tourism

Iberostar continues to strengthen its commitment to responsible tourism with hotels that are free of single-use plastics, serving responsible fish, and the protection of the seabed.

Insider Mallorca

Turn your hotel into a success story with Insider View

Anna Bauge and Olivier Heuchenne are the founders of luxury hospitality consultancy, Insider View. Here they explain why hoteliers must change with the times if they want to survive in the long term.

Back to the Beginning with Helen Cummins

Find out where it started for Dr Helen Cummins and what lies at the heart of her business on Mallorca, she talks openly about what started abcMallorca.

The abc secret to getting more website traffic

How many new customers are you currently generating from your website? Find out from Dr Helen Cummins why a digital marketing strategy is the future.

Why video is a key tool for Digital Marketing

Why is video so important in digital marketing now? Here, Dr. Helen Cummins explains why businesses, post-Covid, need to adapt to the new market demands.

Chocolate & Love: raising the bar

Co-founder of Chocolate & Love, Richard O’Connor, shares the ethos behind the company, and how a daily indulgence of chocolate can be a good thing.

The Mallorca Files: from idea to screen

Peter Markham catches up with Ben Donald, Executive Producer of new TV drama series ‘Mallorca Files’, to talk about the show and why Mallorca as become such a popular location in which to shoot.

Mallorca Startups

Mallorca Startups: support for start-up founders

To live and work in the Mediterranean is a dream for many creative types. Mallorca Startups provides a support platform for young entrepreneurs on Mallorca.

New centre for globetrotters

B The Travel Brand is the travel agency of the future. It addresses the modern globetrotter and is a mix of travel agency, library, cinema, and art gallery.

Mika Ferra on rebranding Palma Beach

With their own quality seal and big investments, entrepreneurs and hoteliers want to free Mallorca’s largest holiday resort from boozing party tourists.

Scandinavians in Mallorca

The 13 Scandinavians reigning Mallorca

Meet the Scandi stars, a band of visionary Nordic people in Mallorca busy making waves in everything from hospitality to fashion to bread.

Inside the mind of Palma Pictures’ Mike Day

Palma Pictures has transformed the island into a variety of backdrops for international film commercials. Professional service, modern equipment and trained personnel are behind the success of the company that could be dubbed “little Hollywood”.

Gabriel Escarrer of Meliã Hotel Group

Meliã Hotels’ Gabriel Escarrer is driving one of the most ambitious regeneration projects ever seen in Mallorca. Magaluf is due a renovation!