How to kickstart your business in the wake of COVID-19

Join editor Dr Helen Cummins as she explains how businesses can ready themselves for when the market in Mallorca opens again

Join owner of abcMallorca Digital Media, Dr Helen Cummins for a chat about reactivating your business in 2021. In this interview, Helen discusses the ways in which abcMallorca can help struggling business in Mallorca, as well as adding her own tips for surviving a year so heavily impacted by COVID-19.

0:40 The situation for businesses in 2021
1:25 How long will it continue like this?
1:50 The need for tourism in Mallorca
2:29 How businesses can get the wheels turning again
4:11 The importance of technology
5:23 Online property viewings
6:57 How abcMallorca can help you
7:52 The three levels of engagement
9:30 A tailored marketing plan
11:16 The hc/ Business Academy
13:30 Keeping positive

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