Why video is a key tool for Digital Marketing

Dr Helen Cummins explains why implementing video into your marketing is the right thing to do

Dr. Helen Cummins, Owner of abcMallorca Digital Media

For those of you who want to shift your marketing efforts more towards digital you’ll need to understand the power of video as a marketing tool. Here, editor Helen Cummins gives her best practices for digital marketers to create and share video marketing content.

At time of writing (February 2021), video content has never felt more prevalent. To give you an example, in the past we all thought of a property viewing as a physical meeting. That has now changed. Many viewings are done online and indeed property purchases have been taken place virtually. This makes a difference to the real estate sector – the demand now for good quality videos to sell real estate is almost a given, whereas pre-Covid, a video was a nice to have.

Many of our real estate clients who collaborate with us have said to me in the last year that they’ve seen a huge shift in the way people view property in Mallorca. And it’s the same for interior designers too. The successful British designer Justine Knox has turned to video content to show her clients how their Mediterranean home is coming together. This is illustrative of a digital movement that we’re seeing in Mallorca – companies are embracing new ways of communication.

In a post-Covid world, businesses are having to become more adaptable. In my opinion, video content is one of the best way of showing this versatility and adapting your business to meet the needs of your clients. There is an immediacy to camera production that cuts out all the convoluted baffle (often seen in ‘bad marketing’) and enables you to talk on the same level as your client. You inherit the same bubble, opening yourself up to show your business for what is. Uniquely you!

Why use video in marketing?

  • It’s easy to digest the information with little effort required to consume the content versus text articles that requires more attention.
  • It uses more of your senses so it’s more engaging, all-consuming, and can be entertaining.
  • It gives a real-life picture of what’s going on.
  • It’s easy to share across various platforms.
  • It’s accessible both to watch and nowadays to create acceptable quality videos on your mobile.
  • Potentially a good return on investment through many channels.

Example hc/ Video Interview about a trending topic

The various types of marketing videos:

  • Explainers: used to educate your audience about your product or service.
  • Interviews: present an expert to discuss a topic to encourage conversation and engagement about your product.
  • Product reviews & demo videos: created by brand ambassadors to promote your product.
  • Live videos: more personal and revealing. Feels genuine and authentic.

Example hc/ Business Video featuring Sadhana Works

Why marketeers need video content:

  1. Inform & educate your audience
    Present a value-based offer to your potential customers via video that will help them to understand your product or service better and make a decision to buy.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Search engines see videos as high-quality content. In addition, videos keep people on your website for longer and that also helps improve SEO. Don’t forget to optimize your video with the right keywords, meta description and a really good title.
  3. Stay competitive
    A short video can explain important differences easier and faster than a text article. You can use animated or illustrated videos to explain complicated facts that entertain your audience and maintain their attention for longer.
  4. Get up-close & personal
    – Show behind the scenes and a more informal setting.
    – Build trust with your audience as they get to know you better.
    – Real – time, in the moment, feels more timely.
    – Face-to-face interaction with your audience.
  5. Boost Sales Conversion
    Research shows that videos help consumers to make a favourable purchasing decision.

Example hc/ Expert Video featuring cyclist Jon Ander Arambalza

Best Practice Tips for Video Marketing

What’s the ideal video length for each social media platform:

  • Instagram – 30 seconds
  • Facebook – 1 minute
  • Youtube – 2 minutes

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A video marketing case study by Blevins Franks

One of our most successful video marketing campaigns that we did at abcMallorca Digital Media was for Wealth Management Advisors, Blevins Franks. We worked with local partner Cathal Rochford to create a video that would first of all, communicate an important message about Brexit to their target audience (British residents planning to relocate to Mallorca) and second of all, be on topic and interesting.

For this client, the type of video we decided to shoot was an Explainer, a video that would educate their audience about the impact of Brexit. How does Brexit affect your life in Mallorca? This was the question we set out to answer.

See here what Cathal Rochford had to say about his experience working with abcMallorca Digital Media:

“As a long standing client of abcMallorca, we decided to leverage upon the experience and expertise of Helen and her team to produce a video on ‘Brexit’ to help guide and assist people moving to Mallorca, in this changing landscape.

The whole process of creating the video was seamless, simple and very professional and the results were fantastic. From the interview and set-up on the day, to the creative editing and high quality of distribution – it was even better than we anticipated.

I am very grateful to Helen and her team at abcMallorca & hc/ on this excellent project and we will certainly continue to work together on more projects into the future.”

Watch the video below!

Last word

Video is now one of the most powerful and commonly used tools in digital marketing. In general, we want to feel more connected and videos help us to do just that. Use video to share something meaningful, give your audience greater insight into you and your business and what makes you special and different in a crowded marketplace.

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