How does Brexit affect your life in Mallorca?

Helen Cummins talks with Blevins Franks Partner Cathal Rochford

Join Helen Cummins as she sits down with Cathal Rochford, Partner of Blevins Franks to discuss how Blevins Franks helps residents in Mallorca and what British residents with second homes can expect after the UK departs the European Union.

0:27/ The journey to Mallorca
1:40/ What Blevins Franks offer
2:12/ Where are Blevins Franks based?
3:11/ How Blevins Franks can help
4:15/ The Spanish tax and legal system
4.45/ How is Brexit going to affect British second-home owners?
6:47/ What Blevins Franks advise
7:48/ Why move to Mallorca?

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Blevins Franks

Gran Vía Puig de’s Castellet 1, Santa Ponça