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Interior design in Mallorca

Creating the space we live in is a hugely important process, especially in Mallorca where many of us move for the calming Mediterranean ambience. Making sure your home feels as relaxed as possible means hiring an interior designer who can advise on colours, furnishings and positioning. Should you struggle with picking designs and knowing which furniture stores to visit, an interior designer can help clarify what your home needs and in what ways it can be achieved.

While many great interior designers are based in Mallorca, their work regularly sends them overseas. Therefore, ideas and influence not only come from the Mediterranean, but from design capitals like New York, London and Paris. Catalogues and fabric samples are rarely dependant on Spanish supplies so breadth of choice is never limited with a Mallorca designer. The island design scene is connected to distributors and manufacturers all over the world, resulting in homes with interiors that reflect a diverse mix of cultures.

How do I find the right interior designer in Mallorca?

To find the right interior designer it pays to visit the capital and peruse some of Palma’s furniture stores. This will help you get a feel for what designers are out there and how you imagine your future home to be furnished. Ideally, you should visit the centre near El Borne and Jaime III where many stores are available. Otherwise, pay a visit to the furniture stores in Son Bugadelles near Santa Ponsa as it consists of bigger stores that include a much wider catalogue of products.

However, if you’re not based in Mallorca or would like your home designed while you’re away, then the best way to choose a designer is to look at some portfolios. You can do this by viewing their work online either via their website or social media. Otherwise, for a more comprehensive overview, read the abcMallorca Home & Décor magazine which includes the island’s top designers and their latest work.

Do they speak my language?

You can guarantee that in Mallorca the majority of interior designers speak English. While there are a number of designers who were born on the island, many have come from outside Spain from countries like UK, Germany, Sweden and Italy. The number of languages spoken reflects Mallorca’s booming foreign market, so even if the designer doesn’t speak your language, you can guarantee a member of their team will. For any design company that wants to access the island’s ever-growing international community, then a multilingual workforce is essential.

The service on offer

Once you have chosen your Mallorca interior designer, then the real fun begins.
If you’re available to meet in person, the designer will call you into their store for a consultation. During this first meeting, they will ask what the project is and if you have a budget and deadline. Once this has been discussed, then a series of questions will be asked to establish what style you’re after. Usually your designer will walk around the store with you to present different home settings and help you visualise what they recommend. If you’re not able to meet your designer face to face, then a video call is usually arranged.

After your first meeting, a follow-up home visit is organised where the designer will assess your project. Depending on how much work is involved, this might take anything from an hour to a couple of days.
If it’s more than just interior design that you need, some designers may also provide the following services:

  • Architect plans
  • Project management
  • Sourcing trades and materials
  • Local authority permissions

How long will it take to complete my project?

This will depend on the size of your home and whether you desire a complete refurbishment. It usually takes 4-6 months for a renovation project, but this will depend on how busy your designer is and the size of their workforce. For home styling or minor changes, most designers can turn the project around between 4-6 weeks. Bear in mind that materials and furniture being sent from overseas to Mallorca will take longer.

Recommended Interior Designers in Mallorca

CARLO Palma Design & Development

Specialising in turnkey solutions for private residences and hospitality ventures, CARLO delivers luxurious, personalised spaces that combine beauty with investment potential. As Mallorca remains a magnet for captivating and influential individuals seeking unique properties, their team crafts high-end architecture and interiors that reflect the client’s essence and pay homage to the island. The principle of connecting architecture, art, and craftsmanship deeply influences the firm’s work philosophy.

Find out more about CARLO Palma Design & Development by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

  • CARLO Palma Design & Development

    CARLO Palma Design & Development creates unique, one-of-a-kind homes that blend luxury and comfort that inspire emotion and blissful living.

    Carrer Carrer de Can Sales, 14,
    07012 Palma
    +34 652 372 472

    Studio Butters

    At the crossroads of sleek Scandinavian style and subtle pops of Mediterranean color is where the designs of Swedish-qualified designer Carola Butters and her husband Ben specialise. Working closely with clients on full end-to-end projects they create modern, relaxed atmospheres for interior and exterior spaces that focus on both elegance and function.

    Find out more about Studio Butters by seeing an example of their work below.

    Rialto Living

    Swedish interior designer Klas Kall is the talented creative behind Palma’s beloved lifestyle store, Rialto Living. Alongside partner Barbara Bergman, Klas offers the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle through his own fabric designs (based off the textures and tones of Mallorca) and gifted eye for bringing character to a room. He was the designer behind the renovation of La Fortaleza in Puerto Pollensa and is the perfect designer for anyone in want of a relaxed holiday home. He regularly travels all over the world for inspiration and loves providing his clients with the latest designs and prints.

    Find out more about Rialto Living by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

    • Rialto Living

      Barbara Bergman and Klas Kall invite you to their luxury lifestyle store, a must-visit when in Palma.

      Carrer de Sant Feliu,
      3, Palma
      +34 971 713 331

      Espacio Home Design

      Three generations later and Espacio Home Design have grown into a sizeable team of interior designers, lighting engineers and technicians. They work with some of the best brands in Europe and cover all aspects of redecorating your home, from preliminary designs to manufacturing and fitting. With seven showrooms spread across Palma, the company offers an impressive range of services in extras like lighting, sound and visuals. However, their story began as a small carpenters and they still remain to this day specialists in designing furniture, kitchens being one of their most standout talents.

      Find out more about Espacio Home Design by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

      • Espacio Home Design

        As a benchmark for design in the Balearic Islands, Espacio Home Design promises state-of-the-art design in 6 showrooms across Mallorca.

        Organic Studio

        Chosen by editor Helen Cummins to refurbish her home, Andrea Pussin at Organic Studio is loved for her creative vision and fresh-thinking approach. She runs her studio in Palma with photographer husband Mauricio Fuertes, who is behind capturing her interior projects. Andrea favours organic fabrics, natural dyes and recycled wood, but she works with a number of international brands and prefers to stay open to new ideas and influences. However, incorporating local artisan work is a running theme in Andrea’s projects and you can expect to discover unique one-off pieces should you choose Organic Studio.

        Find out more about Organic Studio by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

        • Organic Studio

          The talents of interior designer Andrea Pussin are always in demand, thanks to her eye for simple, Med-inspired design.

          C/ Pau 10A,
          +34 620 024 975

          Justine Knox Design

          Justine Knox is that friendly face we all need to meet when we feel unsure about re-decorating or undertaking a reformation. She is an award-winning British designer who has carried out work for top celebrity clients with homes on the island. Based in Son Bugadelles at her Knox Design Store, Justine draws from an extensive showroom of colourful displays and vibrant settings. She is fast, reliable and used to working under pressure. Her family-run company not only offer interior design, but also major renovations and construction work.

          Find out more about Justine Knox by visiting her hc/ portfolio below.

          • Justine Knox Design

            Call on Justine Knox to help with your new second home in Mallorca from project managing, reform, interior design to decorating.

            Marga Comas

            For the magic touch of a local designer, Marga Comas’ name often comes up in conversation. She regularly works alongside local architects and builders to bring together the most beautiful homes on Mallorca. She is efficient, practical and above all, has a very clear vision for what her clients want. Clear communication for Marga, always comes first. She is based at her offices in central Palma (just of El Borne) and welcomes anyone in need of some help with their island home to visit her for a one-to-one consultation.

            Find out more about Marga Comas by visiting her hc/ portfolio below.

            • Marga Comas Interior Design

              Get the touch of Mallorcan magic for your home with the help of local interior designer Marga Comas.

              Trends Home

              This well-known studio in Palma has over 30 years of experience in interior design and has a portfolio of boutique hotels, rural fincas, holiday homes and offices to their name. Their free consultation includes photos and plan analysis, simplified drawings and information about trends and brands that fit your property. Mostly modern and contemporary, the designs at Trends Home will suit a range of tastes that will satisfy even the pickiest of client. If you’re renting or selling a property, there is a Home Staging department that can help with lighting and positioning for a photoshoot.

              Find out more about Trends Home by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

              • Trends Home

                For a design studio that lives and breathes trends, visit Trends Home who combine Nordic-style décor and the simple Med.

                C/ Berenguer de Tornamira, 9. 07012 (Palma)
                C/ València, 47, 07180 Calvià (Son Bugadellas)
                +34 971 721 510

                ODS Construcción

                Mallorcan architects Alvaro Orfila and Pedro Palou founded ODS Construcción five years ago, and have fulfilled to the letter their dream of providing their clients with the perfect homes. ODS knows the importance of having a team of highly qualified technicians who take great pride in building the customer’s dream home, with perfect quality of execution. They have specialised in the construction of high-standing single-family houses with projects all over the island.

                Find out more about ODS Construcción by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

                • ODS Construcción

                  ODS Construccion has established itself as one of the island's leading construction companies, with a team of experts that will strive to build your dream home to perfection.

                  C/ Can Calafat, 56 - Door 11, Pol. Son Oms, 07199 Palma de Mallorca
                  971 786 821

                  Stork Design

                  Established in Germany in 1958 by Udo and Tatyana Stork, Stork Design instil the sense of high-quality and efficiency in everything they do. Their focus is on international labels such as Next125, Cane Line and Rolf Benz, which make-up a varied selection of furniture pieces. Always modern, always contemporary, the ethos at Stork is creating a home that feels accessible. Following this, it never takes long to create a dream home with Stork. Their island-wide delivery is free of charge and set to German standard: reliable and efficient.

                  Find out more about Stork Design by seeing an example of their work below.


                  Since beginning their journey in bathroom design, Aquaquae have grown into a leading interior design service. They are part of the Mallorca construction company RCO Grup who are behind some of the most elaborate builds on the island. Their 1250m2 showroom in Palma offers plenty of home inspiration in its presentation of kitchens, bathrooms, illumination and outdoor furniture. They are providers of the brand BOFFI (designer kitchens and bathrooms) and have an in house team who are specialised in this range of products. Additionally, they have a technical department who services are provided through RCO Grup.

                  Find out more about Aquaquae by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

                  • Aquaquae

                    For over twenty years, Aquaquae’s team of experts and designers turn inspiration into reality.

                    C/ Llucmajor, 38,
                    +34 971 420 600

                    in Alcova

                    If you’re reforming your home in Mallorca, there’s nothing that more important than making your interior feel like yours. Interior designers Anna Yancheva and Wiktoria Ginter from in alcova are part of a new, more holistic approach to redesigning homes. With their motto ‘design through kindness’ at the centre of their work, the designers ensure that emotional comfort and breathable spacesare prioritised above all else – meaning that you can feel comfortably at home.

                    Find out more about in Alcova by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

                    • in Alcova

                      Meet Anna and Wiktoria from in alcova and get a cosy and comfortable home in Mallorca designed to suit your needs.


                      The talents of LF91 go far beyond just architecture and construction. This Pollensa-based project management firm also have a talented interior design department who make sure the interior of your new property is as good as it looks outside. Since they oversee the entire project of new builds, their interior designers are used to working with architectural drawings before turning them into fully developed plans. Therefore, if you’re building a house from scratch, it would be advisable to call the services of LF91 to ensure that all the elements of your new property come together well.

                      Find out more about by LF91 visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

                      • LF91

                        Pollensa-based firm LF91 consult, manage and control construction projects to the highest degree.

                        Rotonda de Can Berenger S/N,
                        07460 Pollença
                        +34 971 867 700

                        In conversation with. . .

                        Magnus Erhland

                        Before entering the world of interior design, Swedish designer Magnus Erhland started his career in fashion most famously for the giant Diesel. On Mallorca he spent three years working on the five star El Llorenç Parc de la Mar in Palma, which received multiple awards within a short time of its opening. His design of the hotel centres on its Arabic history, in which he combines mosaics, leafy patterns and wooden carvings. His talents lie in combining the old and the new, always striving for timelessness as opposed to designs that quickly become outdated.

                        Find out more about Magnus Erhland by seeing an example of his work below.

                        Meet the designer Magnus Ehrland

                        Designer Magnus Ehrland has completed the grand El Llorenç Parc de la Mar Hotel and the result has got Palma city-breakers buzzing with excitement.

                        Christophe Delcourt

                        In 2019 French designer Christophe Delcourt worked alongside Minotti to create his sofa collection Daniels. He visited Mallorca to showcase the new furniture at the Seahouse Mediterranean Luxury in Andratx where he collaborated with Terraza Balear. Christophe draws inspiration from nature in which soft lines and neutral colours are weaved into his craftsmanship. He is based in Paris for much of his work, but travels all over the world presenting his unique furniture designs.

                        Find out more about Christophe Delcourt by seeing an example of his work below.

                        Marga Rotger

                        Distinguished designer Marga Rotger has an impressive track record of interior projects in Mallorca. She grew up in Inca and later went to study at the Escuela Superior de Diseño in Palma followed by the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Her life and passion for the Mediterranean is reflected in approach, where she enjoys fusing bright colours and authentic materials such as stone and marble. Some of her previous projects include Nakar Hotel in Palma and Hotel Predi Son Jaumell in Capdepera.

                        Find out more about Marga Rotger by seeing an example of her work below.

                        Kelly Hoppen

                        Multi-award winning designer Kelly Hoppen CBE is one of the most sought-after designers of her generation. She received an MBE for services to interior design in 2009 having accomplished thousands of projects over the last forty years. Her trademark is a vintage-inspired “East-meets-West” style which has led her to visiting exotic places around the world. She regularly visits the Far East to gain an insight into creating tranquillity and harmony in the home.

                        Find out more about Kelly Hoppen by seeing an example of her work below.

                        Daniel and Katja Steen

                        The Mallorca-based couple at Daniel Steen are the island’s power design duo. Daniel and Katja Steen started their design company over 20 years ago after relocating from Hamburg in Germany. Their clients typically have a holiday home on the island and require help in making their home feel cosier and more comfortable. They describe their style as “very personal” in which they combine antique, modern and sophisticated pieces. They have two stores, one in Palma near Jaime III and another in Hamburg.

                        Find out more about Daniel Steen by seeing an example of their work below.

                        Armin Fischer

                        Owner of the design company DREIMETA, German designer Armin Fischer made waves in Mallorca after designing the Bikini Island and Mountain Hotel in Port Sóller. His portfolio is made up of largely hotels, which contain equal measure of elegance, colour and bohemian pattern. His work in Port Sóller includes custom-made carpentry work and unique one-off furnishings. Book a weekend at the Bikini Island and Mountain Hotel to get a taste of Armin’s finest work.

                        Find out more about Armin Fischer by seeing an example of their work below.

                        Too often or not, even when we move into our dream property in Mallorca there is still something missing. Everything else fits into place, the views, surroundings and garden, but what about the interior? Luckily in Mallorca, we have some of the best interior designers in Europe who are eager to turn your house into a luxury Mediterranean home.

                        At, we pull together over 20 years of slow living in Mallorca. Editor Helen Cummins has worked with some of the island’s best designers on projects close to her heart, including her own home in Son Vida. Therefore, when it comes to getting an insight into which interior designer to choose, trust Helen and her team to recommend the best names in the industry and help you feel comfortable in your newly refurbished home in Mallorca.

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