6 steps to designing your Slow Home in Mallorca

Discover our Slow design tips and the Mallorca professionals who can help you achieve them

What is a Slow Home you might be thinking? Following Helen Cummins’ Slow Living philosophy, a Slow Home is somewhere that encourages you to move at a calmer pace and make the most of what surrounds you. A Slow Home can help you feel relaxed where a warm and inviting atmosphere goes deeper than just looking beautiful. Its interior helps you feel good inside and more grounded to where you are. There are many ways to achieve this feeling at home, but here at helencummins.com we’ve handpicked just 6 easy ways that you can apply today.

In Mallorca, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by designers, architects and artisans that help build Slow Homes on a frequent basis. For most of them, the ethos of Slow Living is naturally imbued in their work. So for each of the tips we’ve recommended below, we’ve included our recommended Mallorcan professionals that can help you achieve that feeling of sanctuary. While many of are based in and around Palma, you’ll find that their services are available island-wide, with many working internationally too. Be inspired below!

1. Positive lighting

How light enters your home is one of the most important aspects to helping you feel relaxed indoors. Natural light should take precedence where possible, allowing you to live in cycle with the rhythms of night and day. In darker corners, choose lamps with golden or brass finishes to bring extra warmth.


Juan Peralta and Mauricio Obarrio create bespoke light fittings with unique pieces made by local glassblowers and stonemasons.The couple are experts in illumination with island soul. Visit them at their Contain store on Calle Sant Feliu in Palma and discover exquisite, custom-made designs.

The brilliant minds behind Contain

We meet the founders of Contain; a slow design studio collaborating with Mallorca’s finest craftsmen to create bespoke illuminations.

Lluminic by Socias y Roselló

Lluminic is home to lighting designers with a passion for advanced technology. Creative Director Pep Roig believes that through lighting you can control emotion, helping you to feel relaxed and calm. Find limitless lighting options at their store in Poligono Son Castello just outside Palma.

  • Lluminic by Socias Roselló

    Struggling to find the right lighting? Let the Lluminic team in Palma help you out with their impressive range of product.

    Gran Via Asima, 3,
    07009, Palma
    +34 971436222

    2. Choose sustainable

    A happy planet means a happy home. Opt for materials which don’t drain our natural resources and bring a sense of contentment inside. You’ll find that sustainable products bring a lighter and calmer feeling to your living space. Where possible, stay away from plastics and synthetic fabrics.

    Casa Lima

    Marc Kenzle at Casa Lima works with local carpenters to create original ‘Made in Mallorca’ furniture. Each one of his sun loungers is handmade using responsibly sourced wood. Pop into his store (just five minutes from El Borne in Palma) and fall in love with his handcrafted local designs.

    • Casa Lima

      With a 250 m2 showroom in the centre of Palma, Casa Lima offers exclusive and unique furniture and accessories from all around the world.

      C/Paraires 23 C,
      +34 971 729 550

      Birgit Müller

      Queen of kitchens in Mallorca, Birgit Müller, has had all of her designer kitchens FSC-certified since 2010. Under this certification, the Forest Stewardship Council vouch that every single kitchen is made from responsibly sourced wood and stone.  Find out more at her store on Paseo Mallorca in Palma or in Port Andratx.

      • Birgit Müller

        Birgit Müller’s title as the “Queen of Kitchens” puts her at the top for high-quality, German-built kitchens on Mallorca.

        3. Perfectly imperfect

        Much of living SLOW means not being afraid to embrace and appreciate imperfections. Incorporating second-hand furniture and recycled pieces is a good way of reminding yourself that aged objects can still be beautiful and tell their own story. Let go and buy something a little less than perfect.

        Gallery Red

        Named one of the top 50 under 50s Art Collectors in the world by Modern Painters Magazine, Drew Aaron has to be Mallorca’s best at sourcing vintage artwork. Take your pick of post-war originals such as international artists Warhol and Basquiat and add a touch of history to your home. Visit Gallery Red in central Palma.

        • Lionsgate Capital Group

          Drew Aaron and his team welcome you to their premium mortgage company alongside their successful art galleries.

          C/ Constitución 1,
          1st Floor, Palma
          +34 971 100 637


          Michael Roberts takes pieces on the brink of becoming obsolete and brings them back to life. Frequently sourced from derelict houses, Michael picks-up antique items for restoration. Enter the world of the wabi-sabi philosophy by visiting his showrooms in Valldemossa or in Santa Catalina, Palma.


          Designer Nicole Hoch uses her travels as inspiration for her furniture store Livingdreams in Santa Maria. Since visiting places like Indonesia and Sulawesi, she enjoys using recycled woods to create custom-made tables and lounge furniture. Spend an afternoon at her showroom in Plaza Hostals.

          • Livingdreams

            Furniture pieces are like contemporary art, often with tribal elements, utilising materials like wood, metal, leather, and brass, and avoiding plywood or plastic. “We want materials with a soul, those with a life, a past life," Nicole describes.

            Placa Hostals 19,
            07320 Santa Maria del Cami
            +34 971 178 415

            4. Shop slower and local

            Take your time to connect with local businesses on Mallorca and the products that you buy will take on a deeper meaning. Stay clear of mindless consumption and only buy into companies that you feel proud to support. In turn, you will fill your home with carefully selected pieces that you know help maintain the tradition and culture of the island.

            Espacio Home Design

            For four generations, the Torrens family at Espacio Home Design have worked hard to connect Mallorca with state-of-the-art interiors. From a small carpentry shop in Vilafranca, the family have expanded the business into seven showrooms across Palma. Even today, brothers Alberto and Llorens continue to create local handmade kitchens.

            • Espacio Home Design

              As a benchmark for design in the Balearic Islands, Espacio Home Design promises state-of-the-art design in 6 showrooms across Mallorca.

              Mobles Riera

              Since 1932, Mobles Riera in Manacor have been an X on the map for the latest in design trends. The Riera family pride themselves on their diversity at their 2,000 m2 showroom packed with distinctive interiors. Meet the lovely Riera clan in Plaza Antoni Mus and draw ideas from their extensive knowledge.

              • Mobles Riera Furniture

                Since 1932, the Riera family have been providing Mallorca with a dynamic presentation of furniture products.

                Plaça Antoni Mus 2,
                +34 971 551 695

                5. Connect with nature

                Luckily on Mallorca, nature is on our doorstep. If you are designing a home from scratch, be conscious of getting the most out of the views. A clear sighting of the sea and mountains will create a calm ambience throughout your home. It will also encourage you to meditate and move at a calmer pace.

                Alejandro Palomino

                Architect Alejandro Palomino is known for creating seamless transitions between the outside and inside. His work involves lots of glass and open space to maximise on Mallorca’s scenery. If you would like a beautiful bedroom sea view in your new home, contact Alejandro in Bendinat.

                • Alejandro Palomino Arquitectos

                  Having designed in over 20 countries, Alejandro Palomino is sought-after world-wide for his designs.

                  Construcciones Llull Sastre

                  No construction company knows Mallorca like Llull Sastre. In its third generation to date, the family continues to build homes which prioritise Mediterranean light. Their beautiful buildings are inspired by and integrated with their surroundings. Visit them near Plaza España in Palma.

                  • Construcciones Llull Sastre

                    The world’s wealthiest clients will seek only the work of Llull Sastre, one of Mallorca’s best construction companies.

                    Carrer de Guillem Galmés 6,
                    +34 971 763 570

                    6. Clutter-free living

                    Living in a home with less clutter allows for extra physical and mental space. By only keeping items that spark joy you can concentrate on what really matters to you. Speak to an interior specialist who can help decipher what furniture to keep or let go and you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

                    Rialto Living

                    For that breezy Mediterranean feeling, let Klas Kall come into your home and build a story around what you love. Famous for projects like La Fortaleza in Puerto Pollensa, he is able to mix Rialto Living with your own pieces or start from scratch. Visit Rialto Living on Calle Sant Feliu in Palma.

                    • Rialto Living

                      Barbara Bergman and Klas Kall invite you to their luxury lifestyle store, a must-visit when in Palma.

                      Carrer de Sant Feliu,
                      3, Palma
                      +34 971 713 331

                      Justine Knox

                      Justine Knox is that ray of sunshine we all need to meet when we feel our homes are lacking in energy and spirit. Her decades of experience will make the process of reorganising a stress-free one. Visit Knox Design in Son Bugadelles and Justine will get your home looking just as you imagine.

                      • Knox Home Store

                        Visit one of the largest furniture stores in Mallorca, Knox Home Store in Son Bugadelles. Their services cover everything from construction to interior design and furniture.

                        Calle Valencia 45,
                        07180 Son Bugadelles,
                        Calviá, Mallorca
                        +34 971 69 30 92

                        In putting all these ideas together, you are well on your way to achieving the Slow Home you’ve always wanted. The Mediterranean lifestyle lends itself to living at a slower, calmer pace so here in Mallorca you’ll already find that many properties are designed in such a way. All of the names above work in line with the Slow Movement by nature. If you choose to live on Mallorca, you’ll quickly become inspired by the sea and mountains, and it won’t take long before you’ll see that influence reflected in your inside your home.