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“Wow,” gasp many visitors the moment they step into Lluminic. Every corner of the lighting studio is lit in a different way. Fascinated, the gaze wanders from lamp to lamp, following the many beams of light which cast their ever-changing shadows on the walls and floors. With the Lluminic lighting design studio, the traditional company Socías y Rosselló has created a hotbed of creativity and inspiration for architects, interior designers and discerning home and apartment owners.

The lighting studio is their laboratory for experimenting with new lighting forms as well as a display room for presenting the endless technical possibilities and designs – it is also a creative power house in which the Lluminic lighting designers find individual solutions for their customers.

“Light can create spaces but with our technology and design expertise we can create more than this, we can create emotions,” enthuses Pep Roig, lighting designer and creative director at Lluminic. “Yet what evokes these emotions, differs from person to person. Each nationality, for example, has a different understanding of harmonious lightning and design.”

“Most customers want a stylish design or a solution for a particular problem,” adds Severine Bonnet, the project manager at the lighting studio.

“You can ruin a room with the wrong lighting!” To ensure this doesn’t happen, many customers come to Lluminic with their architects to discuss and develop the desired lighting design already before the building starts.

Although Lluminic only opened a few months ago, its customers already include, besides private homes, boutique hotels, restaurants and even a church. It offers a huge choice and something to suit all budgets. The company is also an exclusive distributor of Viabizzuno: “The Italians are the avant garde in design,” says Pep Roig. If you are not familiar with the many possibilities light and lighting can offer, a visit to Lluminic, where you will get expert advice from experienced lighting designers and be inspired by the creativity, is an absolute must.

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