Where to find the best furniture in Mallorca

Only the best in customer service, quality of material and variety in design!

Rialto Living, Palma

Knowing what furniture to buy in Mallorca is one thing, but knowing where to go is another challenge. While there are plenty of furniture stores on the island, it pays to know which ones offer a wide range of good quality products and reliable after-sale service.

Based on years of local knowledge and first-hand experience we’ve put together a list of the best furniture stores to visit. And when we say best, we consider everything from customer service, quality of materials and variety in design. At these below areas, you’ll find not just one recommended store, but a cluster. This’ll make it easy to find what you’re looking for in one concentrated area. From international brands to made in Mallorca furniture, we’ve ticked all the boxes to help you get the interior you’re looking for.

Best Places for Furniture in Mallorca:

Son Bugadelles

Son Bugadelles is on the outskirts of Santa Ponsa, and is a ‘polígono industrial’, meaning industrial estate. As you might expect, the site does lack architectural charm, but it certainly makes up for it in size and variety. This place is without a doubt home to some of the island’s leading interior designers, and is a must-visit in Mallorca when it comes to looking for furniture.

Top furniture stores in Son Bugadelles

Knox Design

Justine Knox is an award-winning British interior designer who has worked in Mallorca for over twenty years. She opened up her 1000m2+ showroom, Knox Design, in Son Bugadelles in 2004 and has since worked with some of the top names in the celebrity world. Her creative flair and genuine, down-to-earth character lie at the heart of her success. With Justine by your side, achieving the wow-factor in your home is a breeze.

Find out more about Knox Design by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

  • Knox Home Store

    Visit one of the largest furniture stores in Mallorca, Knox Home Store in Son Bugadelles. Their services cover everything from construction to interior design and furniture.

    Calle Valencia 45,
    07180 Son Bugadelles,
    Calviá, Mallorca
    +34 971 69 30 92

    Stork Interior Design Store

    Udo and Tatyana Stork bring over fifty years of the Stork brand to Mallorca, which originally started in Bretten, Germany. In 2011, Stork opened in Son Bugadelles where the team offer an extensive range of furniture programs using German and Italian brands, amongst many others. They are also professionals at kitchen planning and rely on famous manufacturers like SieMatic, Zeyko, Next125 and Contur.

    Find out more about Stork Design by seeing an example of their work below.

    Villa Port Andratx Stork

    Star revival by Stork Interior Design

    Stork Interior Design alongside investor and interior designer J. Valentin played a classy sort of Cupid in making this dream seafront home a reality.


    It goes without saying that in the capital you’ll find the highest concentration of furniture stores. Palma is a magnet for creatives looking to expose their work, meaning that one-off unique items are regularly found here. The good thing about Palma is that many of its designers source internationally, so there is a good variety of style available.

    The Best Furniture Stores in Palma

    Shop til you drop with this list of the best furniture stores in Palma and you’ll be well on your way to creating the home you’ve always dreamed of.

    Top furniture stores in Palma

    Rialto Living

    Housed in an old cinema with its tall columns and arches, Rialto Living is one of the most iconic furniture stores in Mallorca. The owners, Swedish couple Barbara Bergman and Klas Kall, opened the store in 2007 promising to never stock anything they wouldn’t have in their own home. Between them, the couple specialise in creating a “relaxed elegance” in the home.

    Find out more about Rialto Living by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

    • Rialto Living

      Barbara Bergman and Klas Kall invite you to their luxury lifestyle store, a must-visit when in Palma.

      Carrer de Sant Feliu,
      3, Palma
      +34 971 713 331

      Casa Lima

      Marc Kuenzle at Casa Lima takes pride in offering custom-built, Made in Mallorca wood furniture. From their workshop in Consell, arrive a beautiful range of sunbeds, tables and chairs to their 250m2 showroom in Palma. All of this furniture is custom-made to order and uses sustainable materials built to last. Alongside his in-house collection, Marc also sources product and material from Asia and Africa.

      Find out more about Casa Lima by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

      • Casa Lima

        With a 250 m2 showroom in the centre of Palma, Casa Lima offers exclusive and unique furniture and accessories from all around the world.

        C/Paraires 23 C,
        +34 971 729 550

        Organic Studio

        Led by interior stylist Andrea Pussin and photographer husband Mauricio Fuertes, Organic Studio favours organic fabrics, natural dyes, recycled wood and natural stone. Their philosophy centres on creating scenes that make you feel at home and present with what surrounds you. For over ten years, Andrea has collaborated with leading property professionals in Mallorca and in 2016 she helped Helen Cummins with the re-design of her home in Son Vida.

        Find out more about Organic Studio by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

        • Organic Studio

          The talents of interior designer Andrea Pussin are always in demand, thanks to her eye for simple, Med-inspired design.

          C/ Pau 10A,
          +34 620 024 975


          Descanshop are one of Mallorca’s leading furniture stores and are particularly favoured for this large range of beds, mattresses, sofas and loungers. They stock everything that you could possibly need for the renovation or purchase of your new Mallorcan home and are known to deliver in record time. If you’re in need of something urgently, Descanshop come definitely recommended for helping you feel settled and comfortable in Mallorca in the shortest time frame.

          One of their biggest stores is found in Santa Ponsa, but you can also drop by their other stores in Manacor, Palma, Inca and Alcúdia.

          Santa Catalina

          Santa Catalina, although part of Palma, deserves a special mention given its number of independent furniture stores. In this area of the city you’ll find lots of smaller shops that tend to sell more bespoke furniture. You won’t find many stores that sell mass-produced items here, it’s really the place to go if you’re looking to support local artisans and find unique one-off pieces.

          Santa Catalina

          Santa Catalina has it all. Find out everything you need to know about living in Palma’s buzziest neighbourhood in this definitive area guide.

          Santa Maria

          Santa Maria might be a small rural village, but it’s home to an extensive creative network. In-keeping with the laid-back ambience in Santa Maria, you’ll find that furniture here tends to be more rustic and made for outdoor living. One-off pieces are common, where designers work hand-in-hand with local artisans. There is a strong community of German and Scandinavian residents here which has contributed to the types of furniture you’ll find.

          Santa Maria Mallorca

          Santa María del Camí

          Your guide to Santa María in Mallorca. We cover all the highlights of living in this small town giving you insider tips from a local’s perspective.

          Top furniture stores in Santa Maria


          Livingdreams’ Nicole Hoch is passionate about producing environmentally-friendly furniture. Since 2015, she has been selling unique decorative items for the home as well as custom-made furniture. Tables and lounge sofas are made from recycled wood, which might come from driftwood or an old pier. Her worldly travels have inspired her designs, which originate from home country Switzerland, as well as Indonesia and Sulawesi.

          Find out more about Livingdreams by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

          • Livingdreams

            Furniture pieces are like contemporary art, often with tribal elements, utilising materials like wood, metal, leather, and brass, and avoiding plywood or plastic. “We want materials with a soul, those with a life, a past life," Nicole describes.

            Placa Hostals 19,
            07320 Santa Maria del Cami
            +34 971 178 415


            Much like Santa Maria, this little town might not be on your radar for furniture in Mallorca, but it’s certainly worth the visit. Having attracted a good mix of expats over the years, the interior design circle in Santanyí has grown with the population. Peruse the streets on a market day and you’ll see the place explode with local produce and home-made pieces. The quirky, creative vibe in Santanyí is recommended if you’re in need of some design inspiration.

            Santanyí Mallorca


            Find out all you need to know about Santanyí in Mallorca. From living in the area to the town’s best hotels, restaurants and local events.

            Top furniture stores in Santanyí

            Galería Barceló

            Influenced by cultures from around the world, Galería Barceló is a collector’s haven of antique pieces and quirky textiles. Since 1998, their team have prioritised individual character, producing custom-made furniture that tells a story. Antique pots, ceramic tiles and Asian statues are just some of the pieces you’ll find here.

            Find out more about Galería Barceló by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

            • Galeria Barceló

              For unique antiques, head to this gallery in Santanyí which started in 1975 by collector Barceló Senior.


              Ask the locals where to shop for furniture, and just short of Palma, they’re likely to mention Manacor. It’s well-known on the island for being an industrious town, and over the years has been a strong contender in the design department. While it not be the prettiest place in Mallorca to do your shopping, you will find a large cluster of good furniture stores on the outskirts – many of which have been in the family for generations.

              Top furniture stores in Manacor

              Mobles Riera

              Dating back to 1932, the impressive 2000m2 showroom at Mobles Riera is dedicated to quality design. The Riera family (now in their third generation) know a thing or two about furniture, and travel all over Europe sourcing the best products from up-and-coming designers. They are constantly moving with the times, and pride themselves on friendly service and their over 80 years of furniture know-how.

              Find out more about Mobles Riera by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

              • Mobles Riera Furniture

                Since 1932, the Riera family have been providing Mallorca with a dynamic presentation of furniture products.

                Plaça Antoni Mus 2,
                +34 971 551 695


                When it comes to size, Intermobel boasts one of the largest collections in store. Step into one of their showrooms in Manacor, Port Andratx and Santa Ponsa, and you’re looking at 10,000 square metres of furniture inspiration – the equivalent of one-and-a-half football pitches. The Valverde family have been in the business for years and only collaborate with Europe’s leading brands.

                Find out more about Intermobel by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

                • Intermobel

                  Any of one the three Intermobel showrooms in Mallorca offers international homeowners the quality furniture they’re looking for.

                  When you’re faced with an interior design project in Mallorca, there are so many aspects to consider and hoops to jump through. However, shopping for furniture should be the final step in building  a life in Mallorca and therefore, the most enjoyable. Visit one of the stores in this list, consult with one of their designers, and you can be rest-assured that you’ll be getting quality service. Helen has worked with many of these stores herself on various projects and has been blown away by the result. At her home in Son Vida and for lifestyle photoshoots, her furniture is almost always sourced from one of the interior specialists above.


                  Pollensa is a special place in Mallorca to do your furniture shopping thanks to its creative community and pretty streets. If you’re looking for something a bit different for your home, then a trip north is a must. If you’re thinking  Pollensa is a sleepy town, you’d be quite mistaken. It has a vibrant heart thanks to the international creatives that moved in and pursued their artistic passions.


                  Pollensa is one of Mallorca’s prettiest towns where its residents enjoy a tranquil life, hiking up Puig de Maria at weekends and taking in beautiful views.

                  Top furniture stores in Pollensa

                  Mestre Paco

                  Mestre Paco is a family run furniture store in Pollensa, established in 1959 by the sculptor Paco Cortés. The store is firmly rooted in Mallorca artisanship in which you will find all kinds of furniture including mirrors, lighting, rugs, wardrobes and beds. The store is recommended for its eye for antique pieces, so if your looking for something with soul, Mestre Paco should be high up on your list of furniture stores to visit.

                  Find out more about Mestre Paco by visiting their hc/ portfolio below.

                  • Mestre Paco

                    For the definition of laid-back design, visit this store in Pollensa who pride themselves on their ‘atmospheric projects’.

                    Calle Rotonda de Can Berenguer
                    s/n, Pollensa
                    +34 971 534 370

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