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Plaça Hostals,
19, 07320
Santa Maria del Camí

+34 971 178 415

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Nestled in the heart of Santa Maria, Livingdreams beckons visitors into a sanctuary that transcends the ordinary.  More than just a store; Livingdreams is an oasis—a combination of refined furnishings, gastronomic delights, tranquillity, and inspiration. Founder Nicole Hoch’s global escapades infuse every corner. From weather-resistant cushions to exquisitely designed lamps, her creations mirror the diverse patterns and shapes discovered during her travels. Furniture pieces are like contemporary art, often with tribal elements, utilising materials like wood, metal, leather, and brass, and avoiding plywood or plastic.

“We want materials with a soul, those with a life, a past life,”
Nicole describes.

Livingdreams defies the norms of retail, embracing craftsmanship, sustainability, and personalised service. Each piece is crafted on-demand, a unique creation tailored to individual preferences, steering clear of the mass production prevalent in the industry. Materials are sourced directly, with certified wood as the cornerstone, promoting sustainability and quality. Even recycled wood, despite higher production costs, is revitalised for its superior quality.

But Livingdreams isn’t just about furniture; it’s an immersive experience. The garden restaurant, an extension of Nicole’s ethos, invites patrons to sit among the Livingdreams furniture, allowing them to envisage how it translates to their own homes. Here, Nicole is fully involved, sharing the same passion for food and hospitality as she does for her furniture. The Asian and South American fusion menu is prepared from market-fresh products, and the restaurant becomes a canvas where furniture and culinary art converge, providing a unique opportunity to savour the Livingdreams experience.

In this oasis, every piece of decor whispers tales of distant lands, and the divine garden encourages you to linger. From bespoke furniture to culinary creations, this isn’t just a shop; it’s an embodiment of conscious consumerism, a haven where quality and care reign supreme.

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Plaça Hostals,
19, 07320
Santa Maria del Camí

+34 971 178 415