Knox Design Mallorca

"The team don’t stop until the champagne glasses are placed, ready for the new owners to fill"

Justine Knox

The reason why, if you own a home on Mallorca, you should know this award-winning address? Its design flair is not just limited to the rich and famous who commission its team to create their homes. Everyone can have a piece of ‘Knox magic’.

To know Knox is to step into a world of style possibilities in interior design, ranging from home accessories and gifts, indoor and outdoor home furnishings, all the way to first-class professional expertise and bespoke interior design projects. Pop into the Knox Concept Store, and you’ll discover an attractive range of lifestyle items, such as tableware, bedding, linens, soft furnishings and gifts – first-class world-renowned brands of the utmost quality.

Around the corner is the flagship Knox Design Store, a magnificent exhibition of indoor and outdoor furniture: originality and quality sourced from all over the world, in keeping with the latest trends. The Knox Design Store also boasts the island’s best fabric studio, brimming with beautiful fabric and rug samples that can easily be turned into bespoke curtains and other soft furnishings. This is also the place to find a stunning selection of quality wallpapers.

The various displays, each portraying a different décor style, reflect the professionalism and passion of the designer, Justine Knox. A British resident of the island since her teenage years, she founded Knox Design fifteen years ago. Winner of the International Design & Architecture Award in 2016 with an extraordinary project in Son Vida, she has recently been shortlisted for 2017 with another one in Cala Mayor.

Justine’s philosophy is that all homes can be beautiful no matter what the size and style, and that every piece of furniture or home décor has a rightful place. The challenge is to make homes and their contents work in harmony to create the WOW factor without becoming a cold show home.

Stop by Knox and wander around the displays, soak it all in, let your imagination run wild, have a chat with Justine in person about your ideas while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in the Knox coffee corner. Knox Design: style, a smile and beautiful homes – for all.

Address details

Knox Design

Calle Valencia 45, Santa Ponsa

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