Meet interior designer, Andrea Pussin

The talented stylist and interior designer makes an impact on Mallorcan homes

Andrea Pussin

Prestigious international magazines planning architecture and interior design features have used Andrea Pussin’s services since 2010. One such commission brought the accomplished stylist and home-staging expert to a prominent architect’s home on Mallorca.

After developing contacts and collaborations with leading sector professionals, Andrea founded Organic Studio, her interior design and decoration business in Palma. Her clients include Spanish, German, Arabic, Italian, Swiss, and English homeowners on Mallorca, as well as hotels and real estate agents.

“Even the best homes need a professional hand, capable of reorganising and creating scenes that make you feel at home,” Andrea says. Her experience in the glossy publications world makes her a highly versatile professional, well-versed in interior design developments and trends. And one who understands deadlines…

Andrea doesn’t have a cookie-cutter approach to projects but rather guides her clients to find their own style, to bring elegance, character, and their own personality to their homes. “A good stylist must be able to ‘read’ the house and complete it, respecting the personality of the owners, architects, and interior designers involved – thus contributing to and improving what already exists.”

Whether a countryside home, a contemporary architectural villa, a small apartment or a Boutique Hotel – Andrea conceives projects from start to finish, down to the smallest but essential details. Her Organic Studio store is a treasure trove of carefully sourced fabrics, furniture, decorative items, art and even own-design pieces. Organic fabrics, natural dyes and materials, and recycled wood are favoured. Her eye for detail and enviable ability to envisage completed projects are complemented by her versatility.

“One week I am working in a cosy rustic home and, the next, in a top-notch contemporary villa designed by a famous architect or property developer,” Andrea says. “Adapting your skills to the style of the home is an art.”

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