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Studio Butters - Carola and BenEntrusting someone to carry out a project as important as designing your home, especially in a foreign country, is not easy to do. There often seems to be an endless array of choices that makes the reality of a finished project seem more and more distant. This bespoke design studio specialises in taking that workload off of you.

Sleek Scandinavian style and subtle pops of Mediterranean colours characterise Studio Butters’ designs. They construct creatively modern, relaxing atmospheres that speak to the importance of being able to come home to a space that lets your mind and body truly rest after a long day. Whether you need help furnishing a small space or handling a complete renovation, Carola Butters and her husband Ben prioritize creating personal experiences with clients to create designs that fit their needs. They believe that consistency and communication are the most important elements needed to bring their clients’ visions to life.

The team at Studio Butters works closely with clients on full end-to-end projects. From the initial consultation until the first step into your finished home, yacht, or outdoor space, the Studio Butters team is there making sure each detail is perfect so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Experienced with servicing high-end clients on yachts and villas worldwide, they continually raise the bar and achieve the highest standard of design. Their team of tried and trusted contractors, architects, and engineers can handle all types of work, and their relationships with local suppliers, artisans, and larger manufacturers will assure that your space is furnished with quality, long-lasting pieces.

Combined, designers Carola and Ben have decades of experience working in the luxury hospitality industry and managing the interiors of high-end properties and yachts. Carola is a Swedish-qualified designer who takes her inspiration from Scandinavian design, simplicity, and the colours of the Mediterranean. Husband Ben has recently joined Studio Butters after 18 years serving the luxury sector—working, captaining, building, and managing luxury yachts with the latter part of his career project managing renovations of luxury properties.

Since 2017, they have been providing luxury interior design, furnishing, styling, and consulting services to high-end clients on yachts and villas around the world. If you’re dreaming of a no-stress process for outfitting your luxury property in Mallorca, contact Studio Butters by sending an enquiry below.

“We are very proud of what we have managed to achieve so far, and we strive to be better every time. We love our work and feel excited to see what’s around the corner working in a business with constant changes and challenges. If you decide to work with us you will get 100% dedication and trust.”

How Studio Butters can help you

Studio Butters Interior Design

Interior Design Projects

Studio Butters’ specialty is taking the stress out of your project. From day one, the team works closely with you, listening carefully to your wishes to create a perfect, balanced space within your budget and timeframe. They provide top-notch designs and project management throughout the process of planning, designing, and supervising the construction of your space.


They work closely with suppliers from around the world, focusing on local Spanish brands and artisans. For interiors and exteriors, they use the highest quality pieces that will last for a very long time. There are many elements to consider when choosing outdoor furniture in Mallorca, and they make sure clients choose pieces that are as long-lasting as they are beautiful.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Furniture Design

From the renders to installation, Studio Butters works together with you to achieve your dream indoor/outdoor kitchens and bathrooms. They create spaces that are not only beautiful but also streamlined to work with your daily needs.


Realtors know how to sell a property, but interior designers know how to portray the experience of feeling at home. Styling before viewings is key for showing potential buyers why your property is their dream home. Studio Butters specializes in strategically styling to accentuate all of the best elements of your space.


Studio Butters offers consultation services for both residential and yacht projects.

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Qualifications and awards

Carola is a Swedish-qualified designer with extensive experience working in and creating luxury spaces—both interior and exterior—around the world. Ben has over 18 years of experience managing in the luxury sector and extensive technical knowledge.

What Studio Butters' clients say...

  • “We now have our dream home in Mallorca renovated to the highest standard and with excellent attention to detail. Carola furnished the interior and exterior with beautiful furniture, details, and art.”
  • “I’m so happy we found Carola to do the interior design for our “home away from home”. Cooperation with Carola was effortless. We mainly worked remotely, but we had 100% confidence in her.”
  • “I was looking for a Mediterranean look for my apartment in Mallorca with a bachelor twist. Studio Butters designed a cool bookshelf and added suitable details that made my place just the way I wanted it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t live in Mallorca. During our project, how will we communicate?
Studio Butters has ample experience working with internationally based clients. They provide consistent communication via the website, video calls, and sharing photos. Additionally, they offer weekly written updates on all progress. In these modern times, there are a variety of channels to communicate, and they will work with you to find what works best with your needs!

Does Studio Butters offer floorplans and drawings?
Yes, they offer mood boards, 2D floorplans, and 3D drawings.

Do you offer a free consultation?
Yes, the initial consultation is free! The best start to a successful project is meeting with the client (preferably on-site) to get an idea of the project’s needs, wishes, and budget. Based on this meeting, the project goes to phase two: planning.

Should we follow trends?
This is a tricky one… yes and no. It is important to find the balance between what’s trendy and what you will always love. The Studio Butters team can lead you in the right direction as you design the space that fits your needs and explores your aesthetic visions.


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