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You have the concept. You create the company. But how can you ensure your business is a success? Living in a top tourist destination like Mallorca, opportunities in the holiday industry abound, but competition is fierce. How do you hit the ground running, carve out your niche in the marketplace, and really take off?

Management Turístico was started in 2010 by Sabina Roig, from the world of travel agencies, and Matías Mut from the hotel world, and who both have previous experience in aviation. Initially covering all three areas, by 2013 they decided to focus on the sector of small and medium-sized hotels where they felt they could have the most impact and add the most value.

For any burgeoning business, managing your costs while maximising your revenue can be a difficult balancing act. This is just one way Management Turístico can help, providing the management team with experience, knowledge, tools and a qualified workforce that is perfectly adapted to the client’s need at an affordable cost for the size of their business.

Always with the end aim of boosting profitability, they dedicate a great deal of creative energy to this end by preparing tailor-made recommendations for each client, backed up with carefully assembled methodologies, studies and solutions. In short, Management Turístico provide an expert team at their client’s disposal to focus on the specific issues they require.

They can also help those clients looking for a cash injection to kickstart their business, whether applying for a loan or encouraging an investor to the project, they are adept at producing business plans backed up with credible figures and projections.

From initial business conceptualisation through to complete revenue management, sales analysis, management systems integration, tour operator negotiation, online SEO, web design and social media coordination… Management Turístico have the know-how to boost your business and give it the edge to excel and the wings to take flight.

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