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Carrer de Ses Barques de Bou,
21, 07012 Palma
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About Management Turistico

Management Turístico supports clients who require help with their business in the field of tourism. Whether it be searching for new opportunities, expanding their clientele or implementing strategies, Management Turístico offer a tailored consulting service, proven to achieve results. 

The team are specialists in hotel management in various ways. They help develop the conceptualisation of the business: its position in the market, its marketing, the pre-opening and post-opening phases, proposing budgets, business plans, preparing paperwork required for financing as well as advice on whether to invest or not. 

Their knowledge covers the daily management of the hotel and supporting the business in its operational, commercial, financial, staff-related and technical aspects. They ensure that the day-to-day running of the business functions without problems. Their work involves implementing processes that reduce costs, increase sales alongside re-designing products to help boost sales. 

Management Turístico specialise in three distinct areas:

Management – Market studies, finance reports, product design, procedure manuals, management support, budgets, business models and outsourcing specific departments. 

Marketing – Revenue management, commercial plans, strategies, re-positioning, online publicity, content generation (text, images, videos) and web support. 

Advice – Giving advice and support in important meetings, studying the opportunities for hotel investment, drafting business plans and supporting the financial and technical processes. 

The team at Management Turístico consist of talented consultants who are energetic and dynamic in what they do. They are united by the desire to achieve the best experience for the client by continuously improving their work.

Their combined expertise involves applying the best practices, deciding WHAT to do, HOW to implement them and WHEN.

This process minimises risks, avoids errors, and in short, achieves efficient results from an expert team – all at an affordable price. 

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Management Turístico

Management Turístico provides their clients with the experience, knowledge and tools to help boost their businesses on Mallorca and gain profit.

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Carrer de Ses Barques de Bou,
21, 07012 Palma
+34 971 76 80 40

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