NXT Boardroom in Palma Old Town

Executive networking firm opens NXT Boardroom Palma

In many ways, Valentin Weidl embodies the company to which he belongs: bold, dynamic, and cosmopolitan. He’s the company’s CTO and head of NXT Boardroom Mallorca, a top-end networking platform and collaborative community for high achievers. We meet at their new Palma headquarters, occupying a grand planta noble in the old town’s Jaume III district. He speaks with passion and precision, his fluent English lightly peppered with subtle German inflections. Born in Singapore, he spent the last ten years in the UK and conducted business from as far as Australia to the West Coast of the USA. With a background in successfully helping cutting-edge tech firms get to market he recalls, “Putting in the classic 80-hour week was normal – being here is a dream in comparison.” 

Joining the family business, which already operates in Munich and Hamburg, allowed Valentin to take the next step and drive their international expansion strategy to Mallorca. “I felt it was time to do business in a calmer and more efficient way” he explains, highlighting that Mallorca is the only place in Europe where he felt he could do that. 

Breaking the silos

“Wherever I live I try to integrate as much as possible,” Valentin continues. He would love to conduct business in Spanish amongst top executives on the island but acknowledges that it is hard. In the meantime, also reflecting on one of the central tenets of NXT Boardroom, Valentin wants to unite isolated communities and bring the top talent, experienced C-suites, and accomplished VPs together to strengthen their leadership, magnify their influence and pave the way to do better business. “We are very much about ‘breaking the silos´ and coming together as a community.” Valentin expands: “Many entrepreneurs lack access to knowledge, know-how, and capital. We have the solution in our curated community that is willing to contribute and give back.” And since launching the business in Mallorca, NXT Boardroom have been quick off the blocks with several new members on the island already finding co-investment opportunities and advisory board positions in diverse companies. 

Establish meaningful connections

Valentin also feels that one of the many beauties of Mallorca is that it allows the formation of truly impactful connections. The island offers so many fantastic opportunities to establish bonding experiences in intimate settings, whether during sailing, hiking, or a competitive tennis match. Once all that “competitive energy” is spent at the court, their members like to come back to the club house to settle in a charming atmosphere and wrap up their day by making better business in a trusted environment. Valentin goes on to say that one of his favourite member’s feedback was: “I found ‘my new home’ here.” Just as he did in Mallorca. Ultimately many elites join Mallorca and NXT Boardroom, “for its high-quality cosmopolitan lifestyle, fantastic infrastructure and great atmosphere”. It is also ideal for those seeking a more balanced lifestyle but still wanting to be productive and make deals. “A better work-life integration actually makes you more productive,” he adds. 

In contrast to London, people here prefer to take their time before they conduct business. This approach values the relationships and fosters stronger ties in the long run. “It’s a lot like dating,” Valentin laughs. He also recognises one does have to get used to a slower pace here: “People want to establish meaningful connections, to achieve better business and this means having to go deeper.”