13 Scandinavians reigning Mallorca right now!

They’re here, they’ve got style, and they’re loving life in the sun.

Today’s clique of visionary Nordic people on the island are reflective of a wider trend. More than five million folk from Denmark, Norway and Sweden touch down in Spain each year, and Mallorca is a firm favourite. Meet the Scandi stars!

Scandinavians in Mallorca

Klas Käll & Barbara Bergman - Rialto Living

What a feat. Rialto Living is arguably one of the best lifestyle stores in the whole of Eu-rope; a noble honey-hued palacio filled with treasures to die for – but its owners, the relaxed and affable Klas Käll and Barbara Bergman, betray not a hint of affectation with their down-to-earth naturalness. Read more
Scandinavians in Mallorca

Anna Heuchenne Bauge - Heuchenne Bauge hospitality brilliance

The name Heuchenne Bauge instantly rings the adventurous Swede bell. Anna Heuchenne Bauge, who founded the hospitality company with her husband Olivier (born in Morocco to Belgian parents) was born in Sweden and schooled in Switzerland, before embarking on a globetrotting career that took her across Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Carin Isgård - Buy a home, Rent a Home

Strength, energy, drive. Making a new life and starting a business on Mallorca requires all of these, and Carin Isgård has them all. The trained economist founded Rent a Home in 2008; the pay-off for her determination and labours being regular walks breathing the sea air in her beloved neighbourhood of Portixol-Molinar. Read more
Scandinavians in Mallorca

Sarah Elfvin & Patric Söderblom - Lucky Bodies and Happy Souls

They’re fortunate to have discovered their lifelong passion, and to dedicate their time to it. Patric Söderblom and Sarah Elfvin, from Sweden, are two of the top wellbeing practitioners available on the island; he a doctor of naprapathy, she a yoga master. Together with Petró Kohut they make people feel amazing at their Palma clinic.
Scandinavians in Mallorca

Svenn Rudow - Hotel TRES

If ever a hotel manager was made for the job, it’s Svenn Rudow, always greeting the guests who stay at Hotel Tres with friendliness and infecting those who meet him with his warmth. Svenn, who comes from Norway, was once an air steward earlier in his career in hospitality. Read more
Scandinavians in Mallorca

Mikael & Johanna Landström - Hotel Portixol, Palma Sport & Tennis Club, Hotel Espléndido, Loxitrop Music

Mikael & Johanna Landström have a LOT to answer for. Mallorca’s most well-known Swedish success story started with Hotel Portixol – back when the now-hip neighbourhood was passé – and continued their ascent from there. Their latest venture, the rejuvenation of Palma Sport & Tennis Club, would be remarkable if it were not for their formidable reputation. Read more
Scandinavians in Mallorca

Ulf Bernström & his dog Wifi - Palma Dog

Ulf Bernström never imagined, growing up as a small boy in Lapland surrounded by animals on his grandparents’ farm, that one day he would own a canine accessory store in Palma, but here he is. Palma Dog is known as the best place to go to pamper your pooch – made more enjoyable still with the happy presence of singer/entertainer Ulf. Read more
Scandinavians in Mallorca

John Kristiansen - Fibonacci

What’s a trained Norwegian lawyer doing baking bread in Mallorca? Taking control of his life, giving his kids a great childhood, and loving every day. But don’t make the mistake of thinking Oslo-born John Kristiansen is any bit less successful for leaving the bar. Popularity of his chain of Fibonacci cafés has rocketed.
Scandinavians in Mallorca

Camilla Mohlin - By C boutique

Classy and simple. This is the Scandi formula for dressing well, beautifully encompassed by entrepreneur owner Camilla Mohlin; one of those women who pull off effortless chic like they were born to it. Those wishing to replicate the ‘I didn’t even try’ look head to her Palma boutique, by C.

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