What does living in Mallorca mean to you?

Mallorca residents share why no matter how far they travel, the island always has a way of pulling them back.

Nail, from France

“For me, Mallorca is all about the incredible light, easy access to nature and the rich Mediterranean culture. It’s about authentic living and not overdoing it. How we translate this into the home is key and, at Oma Project Mallorca, I’m always advising people on the different ways they can bring in this sense of calm and warmth. Natural materials always work and I recommend adding in handmade accessories like woven baskets, wooden pieces and ceramics. Feeling at home is about understanding the culture and the environment we live in. I wouldn’t feel half as happy here if I didn’t have such a close connection to the local artisans and their work. Mallorca is like a magnet for beautiful people who make beautiful things.”

Nail moved to Mallorca in 2015 and is the Founder of Oma Project Mallorca


Kate, from Australia

“We had only planned to stay in Mallorca for 6 months of our sabbatical year, but after falling in love with Alaró I remember looking at my husband one evening in the town square and thinking, ‘we’re not going home.’ Coming from Sydney, we just love the eclectic mix of people. I come from a digital background so it was a big deal swapping the city for a slow life on the farm which we eventually purchased in beautiful Selva. Our main focus is land regeneration and creating a sustainable utopia for our family. I started The Mallorca Foodies for other island residents, who like us, are passionate about cooking and all things food on the island. Delicious cuisine is what brings people together and here a good party is for everyone. There’s never any judgement, which I love.”

Kate moved to Mallorca in 2018 and is the Founder of The Mallorca Foodies

Sebastian, from Mallorca

“I was brought up in Mallorca, so it’s always been home. I went to school here for most of my life and had an education that really opened my eyes to seeing the world as one huge international playground. For the past few years, I’ve been working on my own digital business, Datademia, an online data academy in Spanish, which gave me the opportunity to work and travel around Asia living life as a digital nomad. The pandemic brought me home but I don’t regret coming back for one moment. Mallorca has everything all within an hour’s drive and then, of course, there’s the great weather. No matter how far I travel, it will always be my home.”

Sebastian returned to Mallorca in 2020 and is Founder of Datademia.es. 


ANNETTE, from Ireland

“Before we left Ireland I thought I was going to miss the moodiness of the sea and mountains but, in giving it up, I feel like I’ve gained so much. The nature here is not dissimilar to Ireland, but what’s different is the amazing wellness that goes with it. I’ve connected with an incredible yoga community here which, in the early weeks of moving, really helped me find my own rhythm and build a home within myself. I’m deeply grateful to Earth Yoga and I’ve recently started Kundalini Yoga which I love. The Irish people that I’ve met have also made Mallorca feel like home. I’m so proud of our Irish hospitality and now we have new neighbours that are Irish I’m extending the welcome!”

Annette moved to Mallorca in 2020 and is the Founder of Annette Burns Young (a leadership development company)

Rhea, from Canada

“I was 35 when I took my first trip around Europe and I soon fell in love with the Mediterranean. I was convinced at first that Ibiza was the place for me, but I had this feeling that something was missing. It was only until I landed on Mallorca that I knew my heart had really found home! The culture is so rich and colourful, and as a mother of three, I find it such a safe place to raise children. It’s true that nothing moves fast here, but why should it? The warm afternoons and long lunches are what make living here so special. Mallorca is magical and if you open yourself up to it, you’ll never want to live anywhere else.”

Rhea moved to Mallorca in 2006, is the Founder of Yachting International Radio


Photos by Sara Savage