A Haven for Mind, Body, and Soul

Bodhana now offers tailor-made events, experiences and workshops

Bodhana Wellness founder Chetana Adelskamp

Bodhana Wellness Centre has been a beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation on the island for the past 25 years, melting away stress and tension through sublime massages and holistic therapies. Their distinctive orange towels and branding signify the second chakra, which represents our innate creativity.

Now, owner Chetana Adelskamp is taking that creativity and vision to the next level by introducing the centre’s new transformation space right next door to the original Puerto Portals location. “It’s an events space that helps our inner transformation, to reconnect with our true self, whether it’s through wellness, massages, workshops or yoga,” she tells us.

A Creative Hub

The new space offers a versatile canvas for events and personal growth from intimate gatherings of 2, to larger groups of up to 20. The space can be personalised with decor themes, colours, photo displays, and music playlists. Aromatherapy scents can be integrated to set the right ambience. The venue also includes platforms that can transform into a stage for performances or tables for workshops, while adjustable lighting sets the appropriate mood. The option to offer fresh juices, smoothies, or canapés is also available on request.

What makes Bodhana Wellness truly exceptional is its vast and diverse team of therapists, hailing from 17 different nationalities. “Our flexibility is our strength,” Chetana affirms.

The Bodhana therapists are not only fully trained in massage but many are qualified to teach yoga classes and guide meditations in the new space too. The Bodhana ethos of connection underpins all that the therapists do, making clients feel genuinely seen and cared for on a deeper level. “Clients feel, ‘Wow, this person is really with me’. And through that presence, they feel seen and they feel loved,” Chetana says.

Embracing the Spirit of Play

For Chetana, the new space is for conscious ideas to take shape. “I took this place to give my creativity some nourishment,” she reflects. She considers it a place to play, reminding us that, in work and business, it’s essential to embrace light-heartedness. She hopes to inspire clients to connect with their creativity, unlocking a Pandora’s box of possibilities that lie dormant within. She believes that, by activating our innate creativity, we can rediscover the answers to life’s most profound questions.

The transformation space is more than just a wellness destination; it’s a sanctuary for inner exploration. Chetana’s commitment to providing transformative experiences, both for her clients and herself, sets Bodhana Wellness apart as a true gem on the island.

Text by Ché Miller | Photos by Sara Savage

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