The skin clinic in Palma doing wonders

Dr Morano is leading the way with long-term beauty solutions and natural aesthetic medicine in Mallorca

Dr Morano
Dr Morano, Palma de Mallorca

We meet Dr Alberto Morano in his prestigious clinic in Palma. The arched entrance of the 1930s building transmits a sense of authority and inspires confidence. After three decades working at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, it seems a well-deserved location for a team of such calibre. “It’s thrilling,” Dr Morano says, about the nature of his work. “Aesthetic medicine may be less valued and trivialised yet it has a huge influence on people’s health and well-being.”

Today his clinic offers a wide range of facial and full-body treatments, including plastic surgery and innovative laser liposuction. We query how he can describe his treatments as natural. “Firstly, natural because the result must look natural. Secondly, because we use bio-compatible products. That means we don’t use products which can’t be degraded or completely absorbed by the body.” This dramatically reduces the chance of unwanted side effects or results which can’t be reversed if desired.

We get the impression that naturalness is a priority for Dr Morano. The last thing he would want is for one of his patients to be asked who had done their lips. “Sometimes we have to advise against excessive treatment because the result is a loss of credibility, and therefore, beauty.” He believes all doctors have to be psychologists and take time to understand their patients and what they really want. In fact, getting to know the individuals who come into the clinic is a favourite part of his job. His recommendation is usually a bespoke programme rather than a one-off treatment. “We have to understand aesthetic medicine as a long-term treatment,” he says. Short, gentle and maintained treatments are preferable to aggressive and intense treatments with a brief duration.

The subject of lifestyle comes up several times during our conversation. While hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin can do wonders for the skin, excessive sunbathing and tobacco is always going to diminish the results. Dr Morano tells us that seeing his patients adopt healthier habits is by far the most rewarding outcome. We imagine he’s good at motivating people. He’s certainly passionate about what he does and his glowing skin suggests that what he does works.

We ask him what sets Clínica Morano apart from others on the island and he highlights their experience, trustworthiness and personal touch. “We have never been anchored to one point,” he says, “we have never stopped, researching, travelling and learning new techniques.” He doesn’t add that the clinic is also immaculate or that the waiting rooms, with their designer furniture and vibrant contemporary art, are incredibly stylish. That’s what we see as we take our leave and it makes us ponder how uplifting beauty can be.

Text by Rosie Foot
Photos by Sara Savage

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Dr Morano

Baró De Pinopar, 12 · 1º, Palma