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Vital Business Club - Sofia Fedrigotti
Founder Sofia Fedrigotti

The Vital Business Club is more than just a club, it’s a movement for people who want to experience vitality and energy in every aspect of their lives. Its focus is on helping you find optimal balance in your everyday life – both professionally and privately. With premium products, personalised solutions and a passionate community, the Vital Business Club supports you in cleansing, nourish and protecting your body on a cellular level to improve your quality of life. Experience energy and revitalisation as you embark on your journey to a fuller life.

More about the Vital Business Club

Founder of the Vital Business Club, Sofia Fedrigotti is passionate about guiding people to a new level of mental and physical health. Born in Afghanistan, Sofia moved to Germany when she was 13 years old. Her mother, who left her home country to provide a better life for her children, was characterised by dependency and isolation in Germany. This motivated Sofia at a young age to look for a way to become independent. She dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and leading a self-determined life.

When she was 26 she moved to Mallorca and opened a restaurant. Although success came quickly, the hard work and rigorous hours put her on the verge of burnout. After meeting her husband at the age of 37, she was introduced to a health-promoting concept that he had been using for 15 years – changing the course of her life forever. She regained energy, health and full vitality. Passionate about the changes that revitalisation had brought into her life, she decided to introduce this concept to others by creating a community based on building fuller and healthier lives.

More vitality, more zest for life, a better appearance and the figure you want are the result of “the next level for a better life”: the motto at the Vital Business Club!

How Vital Business Club can help you

Energy and vitality for every day
Programmes and products carefully designed to help you start each day with your mind and body full of energy. Whether you are at work, playing sports or playing with your children, the tailored-to-you programme helps you feel energised, reaching your full potential every day.

Re-aging: revitalise your life
At Vital Business Club, the re-ageing concept is about more than just anti-ageing. It’s about revitalising your life at any age. They believe that true beauty comes from within and offer you ways to improve both your outer appearance and your inner well-being. Experience how their approach to nourishing your cells not only makes you look younger, but also feel it.

Slim body shape and more vitality
Achieve your personal ideal of a slim silhouette healthily and sustainably with programmes that support general vitality and health.

Detox: cleanse your body
The process of detoxification is an essential part of their concept. Their carefully selected detox products support your cells in effectively eliminating harmful substances, while at the same time promoting general well-being.

The personalised care you deserve
Every person is unique, which is why the Vital Business Club offers personalised support and care throughout your journey. Their experts take the time to understand your individual needs and goals, working closely with you to develop a plan that is tailored just for you.

Community and support
As a member of the Vital Business Club, you become part of a supportive community that shares common values and goals. They offer regular events, workshops and seminars to share knowledge, network and learn from each other.

Free vitality analysis
Are you ready to revitalise your life and build community with other like-minded people, but still have more questions about how the Vital Business Club can change your life? Contact them using the enquiry button below to schedule a consultation. Your free vitality analysis will help you determine your starting point and define your personal goal in order to sustainably improve your physical and mental well-being.

Free informational lectures via Zoom on request
The Vital Business Club offers free informational lectures on various topics. In these lectures they share their knowledge about health and wellness topics, such as the gut, detoxing, vitality and weight loss. Appointment available by request.

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Sofia specialises in mindset coaching with a focus on developing healthy mental and physical habits. With extensive experience guiding over 2000 clients to an improved physical state through nutrition and vitality coaching, her ability to create a community of like-minded people ready to make a change speaks for itself.

What Vital Business Club's clients say...

  • “I finally feel good in my body again! My skin is more beautiful and smooth than it has been for a long time, and I don’t have cravings anymore!” – Jasmin W.
  • “At 67, I haven’t felt this fit and energised for a long time. I can finally sleep better and I am much more active and aware than before.” – Anna J.
  • “Now, when my children go to bed at night, I have time for myself as I am no longer so tired and exhausted that I have to go to bed early.” – Gunda G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are vital substances so important for cell supply and rejuvenation?
A lack of vital nutrients can lead to a variety of health problems, as it impairs basic cellular and physical functions. For this reason, high-quality, natural products in a balanced diet are essential for maintaining health and well-being.

Can I turn back the biological clock?
Turning back the biological clock completely is not possible, but there is a method of restoring cells to their original state. This discovery was even awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2009.

How long do I need to achieve noticeable and visible results?
The effect of Vital Business Club’s programmes depends heavily on the individual’s physical condition. Many of their customers notice positive changes after just a few days, while others only notice clear results after a few months. The speed at which improvements occur can also depends on the specific programme chosen, as some programmes are designed for faster results. A key sign of healthy and cleansed cells is the external appearance: radiant skin and a fresh appearance are visible indicators of well-being and vitality.


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