The art of Amatsu

Japanese integrated medicine at Miku Mallorca

In the realm of healthcare, there are numerous paths to healing, each offering its own unique approach and philosophy. One such path, less travelled but no less profound, is that of Amatsu integrated medicine. Originating from Japan, Amatsu is a holistic system that blends ancient healing traditions with modern insights to address a wide array of ailments and promote overall well-being. To delve deeper into this fascinating field, I had the privilege of conversing with Kimmy Dobák, a practitioner and teacher deeply immersed in the art and philosophy of Amatsu integrated medicine.

Miku Mallorca

The essence of Amatsu

”So, what is Amatsu integrated medicine?” I asked Kimmy at the outset of our discussion. With a hint of reverence in her voice, she explained that Amatsu represents a fusion of Japanese healing practices that tap into the body’s innate ability to heal itself. “It’s a philosophy for us,” she remarked, emphasising that Amatsu transcends mere treatment and embodies a way of life centred around balance and harmony.

Kimmy’s journey into the world of Amatsu began with her own health struggles. After enduring years of debilitating illness and disillusionment with Western medicine, she found herself at a crossroads. It was a chance encounter with a practitioner that set her on a transformative path. Through a series of treatments that left her feeling revitalised and restored, Kimmy discovered the power of Amatsu first-hand.

“A way of life centred around balance and harmony”

The legacy of mastery

As Kimmy recounted her personal story, she illuminated the lineage of Amatsu, tracing it back to its origins in the ancient traditions of the ninja clans of Japan. At the heart of this lineage stands Dr. Chris Roworth, her master and mentor, who was trained by none other than Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, the last ninja in Japan. Through years of dedicated study and practice, Chris became a custodian of this ancient wisdom, passing it down to Kimmy and 5 others, who are now the only practicioners licensed to teach.“Chris is my grand master,” Kimmy declared with a touch of pride, underscoring his pivotal role in preserving and disseminating the art of Amatsu in the Western world.

In the practice of Amatsu, Kimmy explained, every individual is viewed as a unique expression of the interconnected forces of mind, body, and spirit. Drawing upon the principles of the five Godai – nutrition, environment, mind, energy, and physical – Amatsu practitioners strive to identify and address the root causes of imbalance. Central to the approach is the art of diagnosis, which encompasses a holistic assessment of the body’s subtle cues and manifestations. From tongue diagnosis to skeletal alignment, from visceral drainage to acupuncture, each modality serves as a gateway to restoring harmony within the body.

“We always find something,” Kimmy remarked with a knowing smile, emphasising that even seemingly healthy individuals can benefit from the insights and interventions offered by Amatsu. Beyond mere symptom management, Amatsu empowers individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-care – a journey guided by the wisdom of ancient traditions and the expertise of skilled practitioners. With their clinic, Miku Mallorca now established in Palma, Kimmy and her colleague Emma Burn are pioneering the expansion of Amatsu in Spain, welcoming a diverse clientele ranging from locals to expatriates seeking solace and restoration.

Text by Ché Miller  |  Photos by Sara Savage

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