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Testing out a new beauty and health regime

Susanne Nielsen

The Concept

The concept of taking time out to detox your body of all the ‘bad stuff’ you have been consuming has become popular in recent years. I was offered the chance to participate in the NEW 5 day Detox Program devised by two health professionals – Susanne Nielsen (Danish) who is a Certified Life and Business Coach, as well as being a qualified personal trainer with 10 years’ experience, and her Swedish partner Patricia Stewart a skin terapist massouse with 18 years experience, who specializes in the latest beauty and body treatments as well as nutritional advice.


The process begins with completing a detailed questionnaire two weeks before the actual program starts, together with compiling a comprehensive 3-day food diary of what you eat. With this information in hand you complete a life coaching session with Susanne to clarify your current lifestyle and set goals for what you would like to change or improve during the detox program. A complete evaluation of your weight, body fat, measurements etc. is conducted as the first step in your new healthier lifestyle. and a personalised plan based on your goals is devised for the program.


• Cutting down on your coffee, alcohol and fizzy drink intake.
• Drinking plenty of water.
• Cutting back on carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and rice etc.
• Getting plenty of rest.

The week will consist of the following daily routine:

• Powerwalk or jog before breakfast.
• Healthy cooking and learning how to eat well.
• A variety of different exercises and stretching.
• A variety of massage, facial, beauty and body treatments.
• Life coaching sessions to motivate you and keep you on track.

Lifestyle Diet

Patricia and Susanne will cook for you, teaching you some new ways of putting together healthier meals without complicating your busy lifestyle. Creating these new habits in your lifestyle will ensure the maximum benefits for your health over the long term.

Beauty & Body Treatments

The detox program also includes treatments for your face, muscle-stimulating treatments with the Tei-system for your body, and a variety of daily relaxing and detoxing massages.

Lifestyle Fitness

The exercises are specifically tailored to your needs and include TRX Suspension Training, Pilates with the fit and soft ball, weights, SMRT-CORE Program, stretching, hiking and walking. Starting every day with a 40-minute powerwalk or jog before breakfast, followed by further daily exercises and stretching routines.


I really enjoyed doing the Detox Program with Susanne and Patricia. It gave me lots of new options in terms of exercise and diet, which I can integrate easily into my lifestyle. Patricia uses the latest technology and combined with years of experience in skin care, she was able to give me lots of great advice. Susanne is full of energy and enthusiasm and she really wants to get the best result for you – which is very motivating when the training gets tough!

Prices for a Detox Program from 300 €

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