Master your life in Mallorca with Sylvia Ennis

“You can have a storm, but it’s important to not let the storm have you.”

Sylvia Benito

Sylvia  Ennis is one of those people who instantly lights up the room. By definition she is a Life Mastery Consultant, Spiritual Psychologist and Transformational Life Coach, but meeting her is like catching up with an old friend. She moved to Mallorca twenty-five years ago from Ireland and has since been on a path to helping people see through the dark times and come out the other side: stronger, healthier and happier.

Sylvia’s work in Life Mastery is about developing confidence and helping people overcome fear, doubt and worry. Her coaching programmes are tailored to the individual, with a series of one-to-one strategy sessions. In these meetings, Sylvia unravels the root of your fear and determines what steps are needed to overcome it. “You can have a storm” she says, “but it’s important to not let the storm have you.”

She explains that this year has been particularly tough on our mental health, where feelings of anxiety have spiked. “The mind thinks in maps and patterns because it relies on routine. What’s happened with Covid-19 is that it’s come in and completely disrupted our systems. People have gone into overdrive.” The reason for this, she continues, is because we cannot control the virus or make it disappear. It has led people into a vicious cycle of thinking the worst.

However, Sylvia presses that calming the system can be done by applying a few simple techniques every day. These include, focusing on the things that you can control and being present. “Recognise what relaxes you. It could be anything. Get busy with the things that you can control.” Meditation, she adds, is strongly recommended for feeling secure and grounded. Of course, the other thing that Sylvia says we all regularly forget is that the virus is a global issue.

“Reminding ourselves that we’re all in the same boat is a great one for reassuring the mind. You must remember that no-one is alone in this.”

Sylvia is now on the cusp of releasing two new free online programmes. Her 4-week ‘Surviving the Storms of Life’ course has been put together with some of the best mentors in the world, Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, and comes with its own workbook as well. She is also launching a 30-day mindset programme designed to improve everyday mental wellbeing. Much of Sylvia’s work has gone online this year increasing her clientele list to a record number. From 20 to 30 people in a class, she now talks to over 100 people on Zoom. “It’s been a really busy time,” she says, thrilled to be helping more people navigate through their storms.

Written by Rosie Foot
Photos by Sara Savage

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