Crystal Energy Healing on Mallorca

Crystal healer Lisa Carvill on restoring good energy flow to your body

I think everyone needs a little help right now,” Lisa Carvill says. We’re sitting on the patio of her garden in a leafy neighbourhood in the north of the Mallorca. “There’s so much fear in the world…” A roll of thunder adds a touch of melodrama to her words. I have arrived with little expectations about crystal healing. She lines them up across the glass coffee table. Each Alisima crystal represents a different chakra. There’s Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Citrine, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst and clear Quartz. “Just living day to day our chakras misalign and damage. If you have a broken heart, for instance,” she says, picking up the green stone, “this one gets completely pulverised.”

The idea is to maintain a good energy flow throughout the body. “If the flow stops for a long time you can get physically sick,” she says. She didn’t always move in holistic circles and she’s fully aware it all sounds peculiar. Before a life-changing Reiki session, which led her to train in energy healing, she was an IT Director at EA Games and Rolls Royce. “It was tough,” she says about the corporate world, “I used to come home and put myself together with my own energy work.”

We agree it makes more sense to have a crystal healing session rather than talk about it. “Openness is the secret to everything,” she says. Stepping into her cosy treatment room, I feel a sense of relief to be in someone else’s hands. These hands feel safe and nurturing. I lie back on the bed and close my eyes as she places the stones along my body. She sits behind me, her hands lightly touching my temples and she takes me on a vivid journey from one chakra to the next.

As a writer, I’m amused to hear the only chakra in alignment is my throat chakra which is the centre of communication. The others chakras aren’t in such a happy condition and she gently describes bringing them back into position, putting them together, cleaning them… The experience is not only soothing but I find by the end of the session, I feel quite moved. Lisa admits some people feel frustrated that they can’t immediately feel the difference. But the idea isn’t to emerge with a new personality. “It returns you to the truest version of yourself,” Lisa says, simply; a version with more clarity and more energy.

Photos by Sara Savage

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