Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls alternative therapy place

Refreshingly genuine, caring and highly professional therapy centre

Petró Kohut, Sarah Elfvin & Patric Söderblom

How does your body feel right now? If you’re suffering from any kind of discomfort or pain, you should know about Lucky Bodies: the number one alternative therapy place to go in Mallorca. Your personal remedy could be sports therapy, chiropractics or osteopathy, or a combination.

You might have naprapathy with Patric, a practitioner so well trained and knowledgeable he quickly frees you of lower back ache with a careful and skilled pair of hands. Or Rolfing with Petró; your body treated so expertly, you swear you feel as limber as a 10-year-old child.
Not everyone who makes use of Lucky Bodies does so seeking relief from pain. Many do so because they simply want to reach a state of peak wellbeing, and for this they know they can trust a team formed of two manual therapists with more than 40 years of experience between them, and an Ishta yoga master who works with individuals to effect personal healing and advancement. The latter is Sarah, a teacher so full of down-to-earth joyfulness she’ll make you smile as she carefully guides you through the poses in one of her transformative sessions.
Together, this close-knit trio know what really works out of the myriad of therapies out there, and what they offer at Lucky Bodies are some of the most powerful disciplines available.

People of all ages and backgrounds who walk through the door wanting a quick fix, or serious long-term change, receive exactly what they need, be it acupuncture – including groundbreaking Acunova acupuncture – or advanced new treatment for diseases such as Parkinson’s.

“Some wish to work on their skills in dance or yoga; some to achieve great posture; some to target chronic pain, and some to just help their body work a little bit better,” says Patric.All who leave feel more vitality, more ease, more of their best self. For this is the heart and soul mandate of Lucky Bodies: to optimally treat the body, in order to enrich life.

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Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls

Calle Caro, 56, Palma