Kundalini Yoga for Business Prosperity

Discover the power of this ancient yoga technology

Kundalini yoga is one of the most powerful and fastest ways to transform your mindset to one of positivity and prosperity, to attract what you need into your life. Regularly practicing Kundalini yoga will enable you to successfully navigate your life’s purpose, gain a greater ability to deal with stress and external pressures, find inner peace and awaken your creative potential.

Now is your perfect chance to introduce Kundalini Yoga into your life and become the best version of yourself, for the benefit of your life and your business!

  • WHEN: Wednesdays from 18:00 – 19:30
  • WHERE: hc/ Living & Business Lounge, Calle Jardí Botànic 2, Palma
  • PRICE: 15€ + IVA in-person
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hc/ Living & Business Lounge

Carrer del Jardí Botànic 2, Palma