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Grow your business in Mallorca

If you ask any business owner in Mallorca what they struggle most with they’ll tell you that it’s difficult to attract the right clients (especially at the beginning). Even for the most successful entrepreneurs, running a business has specific challenges when based in Mallorca. We live on a small island with a saturated, fragmented marketplace – and not to mention seasonal highs and lows. Local insight and support are vital to gain business success quickly.

The hc/ Conscious Business Community is for business owners (local and international) who are based in Mallorca or want to establish their business here. It gives you a platform to present your business and find a support network that gives you access to the expertise needed to expand your business. This support comes from the other business owners you’ll meet and Dr Helen Cummins, who shares her 20 years of business experience in Mallorca.

As a hc/ Collaborating business, you:

Get more customers for your business.
Present what you do on the hc/ digital platform, magazine, newsletter & social media to get new clients and build collaborations with other business owners in our network.

Gain more visibility for your business.
Get access to a web platforms where your target market are searching for your products and services.

Be supported every step of the way!
Get support, recommendations and advice when you need it. Feel like you truly belong to this dynamic business community in Mallorca.

How can the hc/ Conscious Business Community help you?

By joining this exclusive business community, you get access to a broad audience by having your personal or business profile on the Helen Cummins Website to grow your visibility and attract your target clients.

And you get access to networking events that will allow you to create your business network of support and grow potential collaborations.

If you would like to become a hc/ Business Collaborator, please fill in the form below.

What are the different hc/ Collaborator options ?

Personal Profile:
Suitable for you, if you are a professional who only want to build your local business network by being a member of the hc/ Conscious Business Community.

Business Profile:
Suitable for you, if you are a small business owner with the desire to present your products or services as a home service provider, a professional advisor, a health and wellness therapist or a creative on the HC/ living and Business website.

Suitable for you, if you are a creative business that would like to showcase your most impressive projects to your target audience on the HC/ website and be included in the pillar landing page for your sector, e.g Architect, Interior Designer, Construction company.

As a hc/ Collaborator, you have access to:

  • The monthly Business Networking Lunch (priority booking and discounted price).
  • The Tuesday Open House events from  10.00 – 12.00 in the hc/ Business Lounge in Palma (by invitation).

If you are interested in becoming a hc/ Business Collaborator and having your business showcased on the hc/ website and promoted in the newsletter, social media etc., and attend regular networking events, please complete the form below.

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