hc/ Connect & Grow

Member’s Open House

You are invited to join our Open House every Tuesday. Pass by for a chat and a coffee with Helen Cummins and meet other members.

Kundalini Yoga for Business Prosperity

Discover the power that this ancient yoga technology can have on your life, well-being and business with these weekly guided classes by Dr. Helen Cummins.

Autumn Lunar Eclipse Day Retreat

Come and join our Lunar Eclipse Day Retreat to deep into your higher self and explore your purpose in life. Book your place now!

Check out the latest hc/ Yoga Day Retreat

A wonderful day retreat where members connected deeply with themselves and their creativity through Kundalini, meditation, family constellations and creativity workshops. See the photos here!

A Sunset Picnic in Deiá

hc/ Connect & Grow members enjoyed a beautiful evening at Finca Son Rullan in Deiá, tasting wine, local food and making new connections. See the photos here!

September’s event schedule

Many exciting new events and activities for our hc/ Connect & Grow Members in September. Check out our new event schedule here and book your spots!

A cosmopolitan community in Mallorca

Four residents share what pulled them to Mallorca, the inspiration they find here, and their heartfelt connection to the island.

Explore the hc/ Connect & Grow membership

Explore the benefits of becoming a hc/ Connect & Grow and check out all our upcoming member’s events, marketing workshops and social activities that are hosted for you!

This is what members say about hc/ Connect & Grow

The hc/ Connect & Grow business club has a long history of success stories, showing that great things happen when people work together in a like-minded community.

Growing the hc/ Community Membership

Interested entrepreneurs joined our Community presentation and got the chance to get to know our hc/Connect & Grow Community first hand!

“Where is my place in life?” Master Class

Learn from the best professionals each month by joining our Master Classes and grow to your full potential in business and in your own personal path.

Members joined a wonderful hike in S’Arracó

Members of the hc/ Connect & Grow business community got together in S’Arracó and enjoyed a beautiful hike where they made new and meaningful connections.

hc/ Connect & Grow business networking lunch of March

More than 60 members of the hc/ Connect & Grow conscious business community got together at Vida by UM for the business networking lunch of March. Check out the photos here!

hc/ Connect & Grow business networking event

Dr Helen Cummins and team were joined by 50 local business owners at Adelfas by Jens for the hc/ Connect & Grow networking lunch in July.