Purifying the gaze with Dr. Estrella Fernández

Rejuvenation treatments for the eyes

The poet says that the soul speaks through the eyes. And he is quite right. Our feelings are revealed through our gaze, it is an element of attraction, but also of threat or challenge.

The passage of time, stress or our genetic predisposition produces an aging and sagging of the eyelids, as well as the appearance of bags and dark circles under the eyes that give us a look of chronic tiredness, a prematurely aged face and even the appearance of being angry. Dr. Estrella Fernández is an excellent expert in the field, surely one of the people on the island of Mallorca who has the most knowledge in rejuvenation treatments for the eyes.

To achieve facial rejuvenation she uses ocular plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery, as well as cutting-edge techniques, such as the use of stem cells to strengthen ligaments. “To me the most important aspect is to recover the structures, to improve the muscular function of the eyelids, which results in better aesthetics, in feeling better”, explains the renowned doctor.

Looking and feeling good

For Dr. Estrella, preventive treatment is extremely important, acting before bags appear, especially in fair skin, which ages faster. In the end it is a question of feeling good and looking good: “We all want to look good, men don’t want to look tired, while women want to look younger, more beautiful. An eyelid procedure has a positive effect on the whole face, improves our emotional state and ultimately our relationship with our environment.

Text by Miguel Ángel Vicente de Vera

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